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Junior Programme Officer- Social Change

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About The Job

  • This is a 6 month contract based junior programme officer role with an option for a full time position where you would be assisting the Lead Programme Officer to run various impact driven campaigns and programmes in various social issues. 
  • As part of our passionate team, our ideal candidate will provide creative solutions for campaigns and programmes, the design of events, manage logistics, and work with partners and government creating immersive and impact driven outcomes. 
  • The candidate will be an excellent multi-tasker working across a variety of project components at any given time in a fast paced environment. 
  • They will be extremely organised and able to independently manage their own time, workflow and scheduling in order to meet deadlines. 

Job Requirements

  1. Applicants must possess a Bachelor's Degree 
  2. Able to work independently and proactive in managing each project and tasks assigned as well as keeping to deadlines 
  3. Creative in solutions creation and problem solving 
  4. Social media savvy across various social media platforms 
  5. Able to perform as a team player with good interpersonal and communication skills 
  6. Excellent communication in speaking and writing in Bahasa Malaysia and English 

Our Culture


Here at Project Liber8, we believe in the following:
- Being positive in every situation
- Being inspirational and motivating
- Challenging ourselves every day
- Self care!

We are a company that strives for personal growth and moving forward as a team, while not forgetting to check-in on each other's well-being; it's all about balance.


Project Liber8 is a nonprofit organization that aims to shift attitudes and behavior toward the issue of human trafficking and exploitation through youth mobilization, public education, technology, research and creating strong partnerships.

Our mission for this project is based on the Triple-A concept; 
Attention, Attachment, and Action.

We aim to attract the ATTENTION of citizens to the issue of human trafficking, as it is only with proper education that people are truly aware of the situation. We work towards gaining the ATTACHMENT of the public with regards to this issue so that we, as one movement can ACT together to bring change in a more effective and efficient manner.