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CRM Marketing Manager

Sales and marketing
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Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

  • Own company-wide, global strategy and practices for EDM in immediate term.
  • Develop strategy, standards and best practices for EDM, in form of playbook, training sessions, and informal discussions - lifecycle, triggered, multi-platform (email, SMS, etc.).
  • Run company-wide, global EDM programs as base; individual regions may run localized programs in addition.
  • Identify company-wide opportunities in EDM (list generation, segment targeting, creative/content/cadence) optimization, through testing, aligning with other relevant teams, e.g. Design/Product, and detailing our needs for additional tools/support (3rd party or in-house).
  • Work closely with marketing teams to ensure best practices are implemented, execution is aligned, and ROI is optimized, providing guidance, training whenever necessary.
  • As a Subject-Matter-Expert, represent company in interactions with relevant vendors; stay ahead of changes and trends in the world of EDM.
  • Own company-wide, global strategy and practices for CRM in long term (experience is a plus).
  • Bring CRM program to world-class level (segmentations, CLTV, retention, etc.).
  • Work closely with analytics team to draw actionable insights.
  • Launch EDM programs for new geographic markets, then transition to local team.
  • Build out programs rapidly whenever company enters new markets, and localize/optimize to best level possible without necessarily having local market/language knowledge.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree in Marketing 
  • At least 5 years of working experience in EDM marketing (email, responsive design, SMS, testing, etc.)
  • Working knowledge of HTML, CSS,and preferably SQL.
  • Strong troubleshooting, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
  • Experience in developing CRM programs, particularly working on data analytics - major plus.
  • Strong communications, skills in stakeholder management, and agile mindset.
  • Comfortable working as an individual contributor (think big picture or roll up sleeves to execute as situation calls for), eventually leading team (coaching).

Our Culture


Photobook Worldwide is the home to some of the best minds and talents around. We’re a fast-paced company with a vastly young, professional and passion driven workforce. While we're based in Malaysia, our teams are internationally diverse - creating a fun, dynamic and unconventional culture. Continuous skill building, passive learning, knowledge sharing and team building is something we greatly emphasise on. 

We care about our people, and we do our best to create a truly meaningful journey for everyone here.

Regardless of position and department, everyone has equal opportunity to shine, recognising the hard work each of us has put in to achieve our goals; so results and efforts are rewarded.

While a work hard-play hard concept is something that’s a standard in today’s working environment, we’ve gone on to ensure that everyone enjoys a higher quality of living. A healthy work-life balance is something we strive for. There’s always after hour activities going on such as drinks, movie nights, badminton, futsal, and more to further encourage a strong sense of belonging. We even practice flexible working hours in an effort to accommodate everyone as much as we can!

Then there’s always the free parking, fun facilities, medical benefits, on-demand coffee, team outings, good music, company dinners, annual retreats, just to name a few. Oh... and free staff credits for our products of course!

We adopt a true open-door culture to allow everyone to get to know each other, from back end factory workers right up to the group CEO. We're transparent of our inner workings so everyone can know exactly how the business is being run.

Passion, creativity and innovation is valued here. We’re always looking out for more fresh talent to advance their careers, so if you think that it’s high time you be a part of something revolutionary, come talk to us.


Photobook Worldwide is the leading e-commerce company in South East Asia that provides a unique experience in preserving meaningful memories through fully personalisable Photo Albums and Photo Products. Headquartered in Malaysia, we have offices located in Canada, Australia, Philippines, and Thailand catering to the global market.

We’re one of the most avant-garde players in the industry, consistently implementing new tech and innovative practices to push ourselves further. This has enabled us to pave the way in bringing an expanding range of quality customisable photo gifts to the region, as well as giving our customers a high measure of service excellence.

This passion in continuous advancement and customer-mindedness has always been at the core of what we do here. It ensures our position as a steady, stable and exponentially growing e-commerce business.

We believe in making moments matter, inspired designs and outstanding craftsmanship.

We believe in what we do, we are good at what we do, and we are obsessed with being impeccable about it. Our young, professional, and highly driven workforce has organically matured into a constructive force where high standards and creativity are valued and rewarded. We attract some of the best talents around as we’ve established ourselves with more than just substantial market presence, but also as a company that highly values both its employees and its customers.