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Senior Executive (Experience Architect)

Visual Design (Graphics, Interior, UI/UX, etc.)
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Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

Responsbile to deliver the end-to-end user experience design for the continuous development of assigned products and services by acquiring understanding on user’s pain points and needs in order to support product or service design that responds to user’s needs, solves the user’s pain points, captures user engagement, satisfaction and earn loyalty. Provide and maintain a single source of consistent information on all operational services and those being prepared to be run operationally and to ensure that it is widely available to those who are authorized to access it.

  • Conduct user research of user needs and pain points to map the customer journey for specific digital applications by combining the business and product strategy, UX design principles, research, and feedbacks
  • Support the UX design process, including strategy development, concept development, storyboarding, user flows, wireframing and prototyping
  • Lead user interview, ethnography study, user journey mapping, focus group, survey, market research study and other forms of quantitative and quantitative research to uncover insights
  • Suggest on external technology and tools to determine suitability in implementation and deployment in PETRONAS environment.
  • Coordinate and deliver UX design activities for each project based on schedule such as Wireframes, visual design, hi-fi prototypes, visual assets and accompanying documentation for handoffs
  • Execute and lead product discovery workshops, conduct field research, do user testing and evaluate analytical data by participate in creating the customer journey and the information architecture of the product.
  • Work with product development team, technical team, and customers at an operational level to build designs that meet business and users’ requirements

Job Requirements

  1. Possess bachelor's degree or higher in technical-related area such as Graphic Design, Visual Design, Web Programming, Information Architecture, Computer Science or related discipline, a proven experience and record with minimum 2-3  years of proven design experience in digital product development, deep level of knowledge and work experiences with Wireframing, UI prototyping, designing quality user-centric solutions, as well as enabling business capability and objective through design.
  2. Approximately 2 years of exposure and practice of several project and work management practices such as Agile, SCRUM, PMP, and any other relevant certifications would be an advantage
  3. Possess basic knowledge and background in user experience and/or user experience environment(s) to be familiar with common user’s pain points and needs and how to support delivering of the product(s) to serve user’s requirement, fundamental working knowledge and understanding of all aspects of user centric design. 
  4. Good understanding of UI design and working knowledge of UI development processes.
  5. Has good interpersonal and communication skills and able to work within agile and dynamic environment