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Sales / Ad Monetization Manager

Sales and marketing
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KUALA LUMPUR, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

  • Sales of the company's online advertising solutions for tourism, beauty, fashion, e-commerce and other fields
  • Proposals for customer needs, creating a win-win project with revenue and customer satisfaction
  • For the company's articles with Influencer proposal business cooperation
  • Assist in the execution of online and offline business activities to stimulate fan activity and sense of participation
  • Assist in building a business model and continue to create the company's future revenue growth opportunities

  1. 針對旅遊、美妝、時尚、電商等領域銷售本公司網路廣告方案
  2. 針對客戶需求提案,創造營收同時客戶滿意的雙贏專案
  3. 針對本公司文章搭配 Influencer 提案業務合作
  4. 協助執行線上線下業務活動,刺激粉絲活躍度與參與感
  5. 協助打造商業模式,持續創造本公司未來營收增長機會 

Job Requirements

  1. 3-5 years working experience in online advertising
  2. Familiar with the development direction of platforms such as Instagram, facebook and YouTube
  3. With content planning capabilities, familiar with online advertising on various platforms, and rich execution experience
  4. With data analysis ability, good logic and high digital sensitivity, good at making presentations
  5. Familiar with Malaysian local media, e-commerce, advertising, beauty and fashion brand customers
  6. A team player with a lively external appearance and good expression skills

  1. 3-5 年以上網路廣告工作經驗
  2. 熟悉 Instagram、facebook、YouTube 等平台發展方向
  3. 具內容企劃能力,熟悉各平台網路廣告,豐富執行經驗
  4. 具數據分析能力,邏輯好且數字敏感度高,善於製作簡報
  5. 熟悉馬來西亞當地媒體、電商、廣告、美妝時尚品牌客戶
  6. 團隊合作者,外相活潑且表達能力好
Bonus points /
  1. Pay attention to performance KPI, the spirit of mission must be added
  2. Familiar with Malaysia's Influencer ecology, can add points for cooperation
  3. Bonus points for customers who are familiar with Malaysia's beauty, fashion and daily necessities brands
  4. Fluent in Chinese, English and Malay
  5. Responsible work attitude, high efficiency, plus time management ability

加分條件 /
  1. 重視業績 KPI,使命必達的精神者加分
  2. 熟悉馬來西亞 Influencer 生態,能建立合作者加分
  3. 熟悉馬來西亞美妝時尚、生活用品品牌客戶者加分
  4. 中文、英文、馬來文流利者加分
  5. 具備負責任的工作態度,效率高、時間管理能力加分