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Sales - Management Trainee Program

Sales and marketing
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Damansara Intan, Selangor

About The Job

Our management trainee program is built for both fresh and experienced individuals to fast-track themselves towards a management role. We are looking for a sales specialist to reach out to new business opportunities and how we can bridge the gaps in their businesses. 

What you’ll be doing as a sales pro  

  1. Conduct research and analysing data to identify and define audiences
  2. Manage and convert leads in the CRM tool
  3. Research target customers online as pre-qualified sales opportunities
  4. Qualify inbound leads coming in from various communication channels
  5. Work closely with the marketing and community teams to build new ways to grow
  6. Identify the latest trends and technologies in the startup and business ecosystems
  7. Understand our strategic direction and initiatives and assist with team alignment and support

Job Requirements

What we imagine you’re like

  1. You have a passion in finding, managing, and closing business deals or an impressive background with an interest in sales. (experience is a plus)
  2. You have excellent phone etiquette and are comfortable talking to potential clients over the phone.
  3. You are able to create outbound messaging both in written and verbal form
  4. You’re organized, detail-oriented and self-driven. You can get things done without being micro-managed and are happy to take responsibility.
  5. You have a habit of showing initiative (i.e. you’re happy to take the lead to manage projects)
  6. You’re curious to keep up to date with the latest industry trends and can’t wait to test new solutions
  7. You’re creative and enjoy coming up with campaigns and initiatives
  8. You are adaptive to change 
  9. You’re comfortable working with small but agile teams
  10. You have great spoken and written English, Bahasa Malaysia, and/or Mandarin skills

Our Culture


We use our platform to create catalysts for sustainable change.
We understand our unique position as an indie organisation and it allows us to create connections with different stakeholders and bring them together for conversations that can spark change.

We create an inclusive environment while being true to ourselves.
No one person is the same and we acknowledge and respect that while treating everyone as equals. We try our best to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable to be themselves. At the same time, we are not pushovers and we don't bow to anyone. We won't change who we are for anyone (or any amount of money).

We are an awesome and passionate family that never forgets to have fun.
Being part of the PAPER + TOAST family means that we translate our awesomeness and passion into action by going the extra mile, while also stopping to have fun once in a while.

We keep things simple and interesting.
What we do is not as straight forward as it seems, but it is also our role to simplify things while keeping our daily tasks interesting and lively.

We find the opportunities in challenges and never give up.
Sometimes things can get tough and unpredictable, but we try our best not to complain (but sometimes we still do) and find solutions by being resourceful.


We began our journey in 2010 with the vision of revolutionising the way people work. We have come a long way since then, and we aim to enable change through our coworking space, community, and programs by working with entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses.

Our spaces are designed to encourage collaboration amongst curated communities. Whether it's our coworking spaces or space activation outside of our own space, we ensure that we are bringing the P + T essence always!

We are the bridge and connector for our community. Our community is made up of entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, corporates, and government institutions.

The platforms we create through our programs and events empower and create opportunities for our community to engage, learn, and grow.