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Chiropractor (DC)

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Kuchai Lama / Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

Hey Chiropractors!

We are looking for energetic, passionate, and dedicated Chiropractors with positive attitudes who would like to build their practices alongside a professional and experience team.

Osso Bone Care has been operating since the year 2007 and currently we run two professional centres, one in Kuchai Lama and the other one in Cheras, Alam Damai well with systems and staff in place to handle everything from A-Z. We perform quality online and offline marketing research, management and as well as comprehensive report findings for you so that you can focus on adjusting patients whilst being an AWESOME DOCTOR!

Are you tech savy? We have spent significant time and money getting latest technologies. We practice paperless concept to support Go Green, we use tablets to record daily patients' data, diagrams and as well acting as a bridge communication between you and practitioners to accomplish a modern medical practice and also to facilitate smooth operation system.

Our centres are designed with a modern approach and offers exclusive environment to provide utmost comfort for our patients.

What we can offer:
  • Opportunity to work with experienced practitioner in the industry and a steep learning path
  • Huge career advancement and growth
  • From a Junior Chiropractor to have the opportunity to become a Clinic Manager!
  • Opportunity for further hard skills enhancement (Flexion Distraction Technique)
  • Attractive based salary with high monthly incentive pay. That means that the better you perform and the more people you help, your pay will go up substantially.
  • Annual Bonus + Annual Incentive depends on a point-accumulation system and performance
  • Annual Leaves & Medical Leaves + Medical Claims

Job Requirements

Right now we are looking for a Doctor of Chiropractic with the following criteria:  
  • Candidates must Earn a Bachelor's Degree in Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C)
  • Experienced D.C and Fresh Grads are welcome to apply!
  • You must be professional!
  • Possess basic skills such as the gonstead technique, activator method, chiropractic diversified technique, thompson drop table technique and etc.
  • You must be a Good Adjuster!
  • Positive, passionate, learning attitude is a must!
  • You must want to succeed!

Our Culture


A healthy spine means a healthy life.

An out of shape spine may cause numerous unwanted sufferings such as back and neck pain, herniated disc, scoliosis, sciatica, bulging disc, pinched nerve, failed back surgery, degenerative disc disease, joint dislocation and etc.
 Our spinal nerve is also responsible for various types of nerve compression consequences and diseases such as migraine, asthma, high blood pressure, gastrics and many more!

Which is why in Osso Bone Care, we focus on analyzing and treating the root of cause to your problems instead of temporary relieving the pain that we all despise so much. 

So, getting your spine checked regularly and making sure your spine is in alignment will ensure your nervous system to communicate well and properly with your body.

Osso Bone Care can help you live a pain-free life and carefree lifestyle. The treatment process does not involve the use of any drug or surgery, no side-effect and it’s natural! 


Osso Bone Care has been operating since 2007 and we’ve successfully served and treated more than 35,000 patients to date. We are proud to say that we are one of the first few pioneers in this field and we are always ready to deliver the result with passion.

We are also one of the few offering the very own Osso Flexion Distraction Adjustment Technique here in Malaysia which involves using a specialized table that simultaneously stretches and flexes the spine of a patient in a gentle cyclic motion to reduce the pressure in the spinal disc and restore the adjustment of the spinal disc. With this therapy, our patients are not required to exercise or do stretching at home after the treatment because we’ve already covered that part with our very own Osso Flexion Distraction Adjustment Technique.    

We pride ourselves by also offering the unique Spinal Decompression Therapy to our patients which is a non-surgical technology that is safe and pain-free. This therapy can help our patients on thickening and healing of the disc. It can also pump nutrients, blood and oxygen into the disc to release the waste and pressure off the pinched nerve.