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Credit Admin Manager

Operations and admin
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Ara Damansara , Selangor

About The Job

Sales Admin :
  • To be updated on conversion status and evaluate whether the monthly conversion target provided by a team member is practical and realistic.
  • To provide guidance/assistance to team members to achieve the target set.
  • Responsible in arranging the End-Financing line with banks for upcoming projects.
  • Responsible in applying APDL for upcoming projects. 
  • Full compliance of Standard Operating Procedures. 

Credit Admin : 
  • To monitor collection and ensure no pending cases. 
  • To ensure late payment charges were computed accurately. (if any)
  • To monitor and assist in preparing handover documents upon Vacant Possession.
  • Responsible in the closing of Housing Development Account (HDA). 
  • Full compliance of Standard Operating Procedures. 

Issue Resolution:
  • Collaborating with the relevant departments to obtain information to resolve issues faced by team members.
  • Closely overseeing communication between solicitors, buyers and team members and ensure a smooth communication process.
  • Developing processes and/or procedures that minimize the recurrence of issues.
  • Proactively feedback to all departments on specific practices, restrictions, cultural expectations or service trends which will improve the customer journey.


  • Design & develop training programs/modules for team members
  • Continuously source and identify for innovative training and development methods. 

Job Requirements

  • Expert in using the IFCA system.
  • Minimum 3 years of working experience.
  • Highly proficient in spoken and written English & Bahasa Malaysia. 
  • Able to communicate effectively and professionally
  • Advanced analytical, problem-solving & negotiation skills

Our Culture


It's often not what happens, but how we react to it that matters. At OIB, we believe in a core set of values that not only define who we are, but how we do things : 

  • Us before me | We believe the sum of all of us is greater than any of us.
  • Ambition is half... | While we believe that ambition is the path to success...
  • ...having Fun is the other half! | ... we should have fun on the way there!
  • Finish what you start  | So start strong and finish stronger.
  • Speak the truth, face the facts | Never lie to yourself or anyone else for that matter 
  • We are a family | And together, there's nothing we can't accomplish.
If these are you, then you should be one of us. 


We are a property developer that wants to do things a little differently. With us, it's homes not houses, relationships not transactions, and most of all meaning and not just work. Here at OIB, we build for the masses, not just the elite.

With a young, dedicated team that believes in the art of experimentation and trying new things, we hope to realize our vision of homes that grow into communities, in every place, for everyone. 

Our mission, is to develop with integrity, build with quality and innovate all that we can for the sake our planet and it's people.

If that sounds like something you would like to be a part of, drop us a line and we would love to chat.