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Sales Manager

Sales and marketing
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Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

About the Role

You will be a part of our Sales team and your role is to acquire and manage the relationships with fashion brands with the following responsibilities:

  • Design and implement a strategic business plan that expands company’s client base and ensure its strong presence.
  • Construct and negotiate offers that meet the expectations of partners, clients and the company.
  • Pitch and close deals in line with company's performance target and vision;
  • Build and promote strong, long-lasting customer relationships by partnering with them and understanding their need.
  • Work together with Client Success team for any and all matters specific to clients servicing.
  • Identifies product improvements or new products by remaining current on industry trends, market activities, and competitors.

You'll be a good fit for this role if you posses the following traits:

  • Proactive go-getter.Your are achievement-oriented. You are internally-driven and constantly fixated on achieving goals and continuously measure your performance in comparison to your goals.
  • Curious. You are inquisitive by relentlessly probing to understand a potential client's problems and needs from an objective standpoint. You have a thirst for knowledge and information and always keep abreast with the ever-changing trends and practices in sales and the market.
  • Engaging storyteller and communicator. You can craft a compelling story across different channels for different audience segments – and you know how to match the message to the medium both internally and externally.
  • Personable. You are personable and good at building constructive relationships. You enjoy meeting new people and have no problem getting along with others.

Job Requirements

Other requirements:
  • Minimum 3 years of related experience in either the Fashion or SaaS Industry.
  • Proven track record in sales generation.

This is your chance to join us in helping businesses around the world make better decisions with data. 

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Our Culture


If the following sounds like you or people you like to work with, we invite you to reach out and be a part of our vision in powering the world by helping businesses make better decisions with data!

  • You genuinely believe in the power of data in unlocking business growth
  • You are disciplined and comfortable navigating a highly autonomous environment (we have no official working hours as we believe that it is not about the hours, starting or ending time, but rather what is the most productive time to produce exceptional work.)
  • You are good at gathering facts to inform your opinions and intuitions 
  • You choose to fail forward by applying your learnings quickly 
  • You learn quickly, eagerly and proactively
  • You embrace problems and challenges as opportunities towards greater excellence 
  • You are proactive and understand knowing is not enough, you must apply and willing is not enough, you must do
  • You are flexible and adaptable towards change 
  • You speak and write articulately what you are, and are not, trying to do so others are clear on what to expect 
  • You collaborate effectively with others despite from different backgrounds and cultures (we have team members from 11 different nationalities)
  • You are known to be authentic, candid and non-political 


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We provide market analytics for the fashion and beauty industry, so these companies can focus on what's important.

Founded by CEO Kendrick Wong, he leads a dedicated team of data scientists, analysts, engineers and industry experts who share a passion to help brands and retailers grow with market intelligence. From visual merchandisers, marketers to business owners, there's a solution for every need.

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