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Data Scientist

IT - Data Science & Analytics
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Mid Valley / Remote, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

We are expanding our dynamic data science team and we are looking for Data Scientists who will be involved in building analytics models by leveraging on large volumes of data across sources in a variety of forms. We will rely on you to build data products to extract valuable business insights.

Here's how you will play a part in transforming how businesses around the world make better decisions with data:
  • Working in a multi-disciplined team turning discoveries and ideas into machine learning models;
  • Building, testing and deploying machine learning models to enhance product information; and
  • Conducting research & development on how to improve trends prediction around the world.

You’ll be a good fit if you possess the following traits:
  • Resilience in solving problems. You believe that problems are made to be solved and not avoided.  Often you will try many different ways instead of giving up when presented with obstacles.
  • Critical thinking. You are able to understand the business problem or decision being made and be able to 'model' or 'abstract' what is critical to solving the problem.
  • Curiosity. You have that insatiable hunger for knowledge and understanding. You can unabashedly ask questions that are downright elementary, even in areas of your own expertise, out of genuine curiosity about people and subjects, because your job is to ask questions of data and of people.
  • Attentive to details. You understand that it is important for maintaining rigor and for avoiding an over-reliance on intuition when analyzing data.

Job Requirements

  • Strong mathematical, statistical or actuarial background.
  • Must have hands-on experience with machine learning applied to at least two of; image recognition, image segmentation, NLP, predictive analytics, or clustering.
  • Adept at problem-solving using both textbook methods and novel viewpoints.
  • Proficiency in Python.
  • Knowledge of big data technologies and machine learning algorithms will be an advantage.
  • Preferably familiar with applications/solutions such as PySpark, ElasticSearch, Kibana, deep learning frameworks (Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, etc.)
  • Minimum of 2 years of working experience.

This is your chance to join us in helping businesses around the world make better decisions with data.
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Our Culture


Who is Omnilytics?
Meet Omnilytics. We provide actionable market analytics and insights to fashion businesses around the world so they can make their most confident decisions with clarity and speed.

Omnilytics is founded on the belief that with the right data, at the right time, in the right context that is both insightful and actionable, all of us - business owners, employees, consumers, the planet and the people our businesses affect - would be better off because an optimal decision can be made.

To do this, we invest in innovative technology and marry that with deep industry expertise to create solutions that deliver insights with speed. If this resonates with you, let’s talk!

Why join Omnilytics?
Hear it from the team itself what they love about working at Omnilytics: 
  • “I love we have no official work hours because our company upholds a Results-Oriented Work Environment (ROWE). As a mother, I really appreciate the work-life integration it provides” - Rilla 
  • “If I have to choose, it would be the diversity of the team! We have 11 nationalities working towards a common goal.” - Li Wen
  • “What I appreciate very much about Omnilytics’ is the learning culture here. Not only do we have access to learning platforms such as Coursera, our Personal Development Fund are not limited to job-specific training but we are encouraged to pick up new skills outside of our job scope.” - Dylan 
  • “I always have fun at our monthly Lunch Roulette in which we are grouped into randomised teams to have a meal together courtesy of the company to foster cross-team relationship” - Claire 
  • Other perks & benefits include
  • Well-stocked pantry & team meals 
  • Medical claims
  • Laptop allowance
  • Commute allowance 

This is your chance to join us in helping businesses around the world make better decisions with data.

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If the following sounds like you or people you like to work with, we invite you to reach out and be a part of our vision in powering the world by helping businesses make better decisions with data!

  • You genuinely believe in the power of data in unlocking business growth
  • You are disciplined and comfortable navigating a highly autonomous environment (we have no official working hours as we believe that it is not about the hours, starting or ending time, but rather what is the most productive time to produce exceptional work.)
  • You are good at gathering facts to inform your opinions and intuitions
  • You choose to fail forward by applying your learnings quickly
  • You learn quickly, eagerly and proactively
  • You embrace problems and challenges as opportunities towards greater excellence
  • You are proactive and understand knowing is not enough, you must apply and willing is not enough, you must do
  • You are flexible and adaptable towards change
  • You are able to express yourself effectively in spoken or written language, allowing others to understand what to expect
  • You collaborate effectively with others despite from different backgrounds and cultures (we have team members from 11 different nationalities)
  • You are known to be authentic, candid and non-political