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FullStack Junior Developer VUEJS + GRAPHQL

Information technology
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Asia Jaya, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

  • Building front end web components in Vuejs
  • Using version control systems to ensure maintainability in team development
  • Designing web applications from the ground up through weekly group planning 
  • Work with CSS frameworks 
  • Working in a team and being a good communicator

Job Requirements

  • Knowledge of vuejs (you must at least know how to develop a todo application)
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Knowledge of web technologies is a plus
  • Passionate and committed to learning new tech  (committed beginners are welcome)

Our Culture


Performance matters
We believe in performance and results rather than hours worked. As a startup working in a fast paced environment, results value individuals who are action oriented and offer results. 

Having the fire within
Its about having the passion and commitment to try new things, to work on new challenges and taking the initiative to always do better. We need people who have the fire to push ahead. In the eternal words of Steve Jobs, “...these are the dreamers, the trouble-makers, the ones who see things differently. 

Being brutally open and honest
Being open and brutally honest about things. We confront any issues and difficulties, and ask the tough questions. It’s about an environment of trust, and knowing that criticism is often given with good intentions. Because only with open feedback and honest conversations can we create a healthy environment where everyone can move ahead together, as a team. 

Embracing the adventure and the challenge
Joining a startup is not a bed of roses. Yes there is challenges, there is risk, but there is also freedom and adventure. We must dare to live again, to be alive, to embrace the journey up to success. These are the people that are joining any company on it’s rise to the top, will be at the one’s handsomely rewarded once the company reaches it’s peak. Join us for the adventure. It’s an uphill climb, but that’s where the fun is at. 


It all starts with a simple statement, companies are made up of great people and efficient processes. 

Yet how many times we see companies relying on paper and pen to document their processes. Or worse, relying on the processes in their head, only to be forgotten once they left the company. Companies without process and SOP are unable to scale and grow, leaving the people in the company to constantly guess and figure out what’s next. 

At Okestra, our main goal is to help companies discover their processes and empower people to do meaningful work. We are all about process improvement and automation. Through our easy to use simple drag drop workflow builder, literally anyone can build workflows in minutes and run it through our system. These workflows can be monitored, tested, and used to keep track of all work that is happening in the company. 
We believe every company is living breathing machine, filled with people and complex processes. Yet there is really very little oversight or control within companies. People often resort to having long meetings and endless emails to sort out issues. 

Okestra aims to change all that. We are creating a new generation of companies that run efficiency at peak performance. Like a car, being fine tuned for a race, where every torque is squeezed. Every revolution is measured, every turn around the bend calculated, aerodynamics streamlined. 
This is what Okestra does for companies. This is our vision.