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Video Content Producer/Editor 视频制作人

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Petaling Jaya, Selangor

About The Job

You will collaborate with a Supervising Producer to build videos and pitches. You will excel in an autonomous work environment and can juggle multiple priority projects at the same time. We're looking for someone who is willing to take on new challenges with a curious attitude. You are excited about taking up challenges of a fluctuating workload or quick transition to a new content initiative when it's the best move for the business. Creativity and a collaborative spirit will be vital to this role.

  • You will be writing content and post for our Chinese-based platform  – OCT 
  • Based on our needs, you will produce lightweight videos on tight budgets, or adapt/improve the related contents
  • Work on OCT daily short video content (news-based)
  • Able to iterate successful/trending content
  • Envision, pitch and build both assigned and original videos
  • Research, write and edit engaging and share-worthy content; including sponsored contents. 
  • Source for stories through social media, other news portal or forums. These stories can come from personal experience, a public opinion, a status update or uniquely written (based on reliable references). 
  • Publish finalized content live to the FB/ YouTube page with a well-crafted caption. 

视频制作人将和制作人的指导下一起合作完成影片并同时需兼顾多个重点项目。 在自主的工作环境下争取自我表现,且愿意以好奇、创新的态度去接受每一次的挑战。此外能够适应较强的工作压力,创意及团队合作完成任务的能力更是担任这个职位需求里的重中之重。

  • 撰写OCT中文平台的视频内容及文案
  • 在预算紧张的情况下,根据需求制作、调整及优化视频
  • 负责OCT的每日新闻短视频内容
  • 预测、掌握趋势和具有潜在价值的视频内容
  • 展望与创建及原创的具说服性视频
  • 探究、撰写、优化吸引人及值得分享的内容;包括赞助内容
  • 负责计划视频内容。灵感可源于社交媒体、新闻播道、论坛、经验、公众建议、状态更新或天马行空的想象(也须有根据性/可靠的参考文献支持)。
  • 发布视频成品至脸书/YouTube + 设计标题/构思文案

To Apply
  • No formal cover letters, please. Instead, include a few short paragraphs in your application explaining why you'd be a good fit for this position. We’d also like you to share 2-3 videos that performed well on Facebook within the last year, and explain why you think they were successful.
  • Attach a copy of resume with your portfolio and/or your previous written work (links or share drive are accepted)

  • 无需正式的求职信!几段简短的文字并述说一下为什么你适合这个职位。分享2~3支在近一年内你认为在脸书上不错的影片,并附上你的个人解说,为什么觉得这些影片是成功的。
  • 附上一份履历表。
  • 分享3~5个你的创作,上传到网盘把链接发送于本公司即可(以文字或影片形式皆可)。

Job Requirements

  • Have a diploma / degree in either one of the following courses: Creative Multimedia, Journalism, Mass Communication or equivalent. Candidates graduated from Chinese high school or University will be prioritized.
  • Excellent in written and spoken Chinese, and understands English (Malay is a plus)
  • Proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro, and the entire CC suite is a plus
  • Comfortable with most video codecs and formats (in house training provided)
  • Perform multiple tasks and able to work under tight deadlines.
  • Possess artistic, creative ideas and is up-to-date with the current design trends.
  • To frequently read content sites such as BuzzFeed, Insider, SAYS, WOB, Go XUAN, 星洲 (SinChew), 88razzi and more.
  • Extremely knowledgeable about at least one social platform such as YouTube and Facebook
  • 1 - 3 years experience in the field is preferred. Fresh graduates are welcome too.

  • 持有科系的大学文凭/学位:多媒体学,新闻或大众传播。中文背景的中学或中文大学毕业生将优先考虑。
  • 具备一口流利的中文及优秀的书写能力,精通英文(马来文加分)
  • 通晓Adobe Premiere Pro;其他CC Suite软件也加分
  • 熟悉大部分视频格式(将提供内部培训)
  • 着手负责生产视频由始至末的多个阶段
  • 对美感与创意有概念, 了解当下设计趋势
  • 经常浏览内容流量高的网站,如:BuzzFeed,Insider,SAYS,WOB, Go XUAN, 星洲, 88razzi 等
  • 了解至少一个社交平台,例如:YouTube,脸书, Instagram 
  • 持有使用相机的经验,并具备灯光与音响有关的知识
  • 1 - 3 年的职场经验。 欢迎新人尝试。

Our Culture


At OCT, we believe our work benefits from the diverse perspectives of our employees. Therefore, OCT celebrates inclusion and is committed to equal opportunity employment. As a OCT employee, you can expect:
  • A supportive, inclusive atmosphere and a team that values your contributions
  • Opportunities for personal and profession growth via work experience.

Are you ready to take on the challenge to work in a startup?

OCT Media 坚信工作性质将受益于员工们各异的想法与观点。因此,OCT将提倡包容并致力于创造均等的工作机会。身为我们的员工,你可以期待:
  • 互相包容、支持的工作氛围及感激你的贡献的团队
  • 通过工作内容提升个人与专业知识的发展机会



OCT media is a new startup digital media company, focusing on delivering quality news and entertainment content to our local Chinese Malaysian. We aim to be the best online media platform in Malaysia and will progressively expand to English- and Malay-based audiences. OCT wants to inform, entertain, inspire and ultimately engage with the mass public. At OCT media, you’ll work alongside inspiring colleagues to create tools, technology, and content that help connect people around the world.

OCT Media是一家初创的数码媒体公司,为当地华人提供高品质的新闻与娱乐内容。目标是成为马来西亚最好的线上媒体平台,并将逐渐扩展至英文及马来文观众群。我们希望OCT平台可以达到教育、娱乐、启发的作用,与大众互动。在OCT Media将与启发人心的同事们 (你) 一起创建连接世界各地的工具、技术和内容。