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IT B2B Sales Consultant

Sales (Corporate, Real Estate, Telesales, etc.)
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Bukit Jalil , Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

What You’ll Do
  • You will make phone-based contact to communicate our offers and solutions to new or existing customers that allow them benefit from our MyKRIS 360 Managed Services.
  • You will schedule meeting or presentation to our customers or potential customers to help their business expansion or cost saving initiatives by adopting our solutions.
  • You will prepare commercial proposal, work with Senior to execute sales plan and follow up on sales leads to close sales. 
  • You will participate and execute marketing events for customers and business partners to increase our brand awareness and customer experience. 

Job Requirements

Passion to promote and share Connectivity and Cybersecurity enterprise solution in the Market.

Our Culture


Accelerating Your Career Growth With A Personal Touch

Over here, we offer you a truly unique career and personal growth with our DNA “Nurture Relationship through CARE”. It’s rare and unheard of for a big corporation to put people first before profit, and MyKRIS does it to make sure you find success in your career. You’ll have a mentor that coaches you to excel on your strengths and capabilities, while your tasks are catered to make the most of your abilities to achieve the best results. We also help you manage your work responsibilities alongside your personal and family needs, where our policies and facilities are put in place to provide you the means to reduce stress and handle work-life conflicts.

As an equal-opportunity employer, we provide an open platform for anyone to chase after their passion while bringing a positive impact to the Team and Company. You’re part of the Family in a Harmony Home, so you’ll take charge of the home daily affairs to keep the house running in good condition. In this sense, you are empowered to wisely manage your team as though you are the owner of the Company. Our overwhelming success in our business lies in our trust towards our staff. Where we are today is a reflection of their dedication to make the company a successful brand and business.

If you’re keen to accelerate your career growth with us, come meet us and discuss about the job opportunities you want.


MyKRIS International Berhad listed on the Bursa Malaysia Leading Entrepreneur Accelerator Platform (LEAP) Market and MyKRIS Asia Sdn Bhd is the subsidiary of MyKRIS International Berhad.

We are the prime mover of digital services that empower corporate network and data security with quality solutions. We specialise in providing and managing Internet network services and cyber security services to enterprises.

A company’s personality defines its soul, and MyKRIS defines its soul in a unique work culture. We are guided by BINDS, the secret ingredient that motivates unity and advocates our work culture.

We call our workplace “Harmony Home”, and our colleagues “Family”. It’s here that you get to experience a unique collaboration where colleagues from different departments work together to solve issues. This is the bond in our DNA that BINDS us together, where everyone is approachable regardless of their position and level in the company. Any disparities with colleagues or on employment and benefit are patiently resolved through “Open Communication for a Win-win Situation”. Our effort was recognised and awarded by the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM) with “HR Best Practice Award 2019”.