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Digital Marketing Communication Specialist

Sales and marketing
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Bukit Jailil, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

  • Develop and implement digital marketing (search engine marketing/ search engine advertising) initiatives for branding and business lead generation.
  • Designer and Copywriter role to conceptual, design, and manage production of all marketing materials. 
  • Plan and organize events for Customers/ Biz Partners.
  • Plan and organize media interviews, and public relation activities. 
  • Plan and execute Corporate Social Responsibility direction and activities. Maximum value and adequate mileage from all CSR activities conducted.

Job Requirements

  • Passion, Creative and Innovative, strong sense of Arts.
  • Good public speaking and excellent command in English.
  • Minimum 6 years in Branding or Marketing Communication  

Our Culture


Be Part of Us!

We are multi awards winning Digital Internet Service Provider, specializing in providing and managing Internet and Intranet network services to enterprises through big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

Over the years, we have developed from a small team into current sizable teams. We wish to further expand our team and we need a motivated team to turn dreams into reality. If you are the right one, join us!

We always put people first because we believe People grow, Company grows.

Our DNA and Culture

1. Build Credibility through Trust & OPEN COMMUNICATION
• We are consistently committed to honour our promises
• We interact with respect and honesty

2) Innovate through CREATIVITY
We are inspired by an environment that rewards creativity
• We are driven to apply ingenuity on repetitive tasks

3) Nurture Relationship through CARE
We treat everyone with respect, dignity and equality
• We strive to better understand our co-workers' motivation and emotions

4) Drive Loyalty and Commitment through INTRAPRENEURSHIP  
We are accountable in balancing our corporate and personal interest
• We are committed to our best conduct in our employment's duration

5) Seek win-win through SHARED RESPONSIBILITY 
We are a committed team on our task and beyond
• We will take other perspectives into consideration when making decisions


MyKRIS International Berhad listed on the Bursa Malaysia Leading Entrepreneur Accelerator Platform (LEAP) Market and MyKRIS Asia Sdn Bhd is the subsidiary of MyKRIS International Berhad.

We are Digital Internet Service Provider, primarily a managed network service provider with big data analysis and AI. We specialise in providing and managing Internet and Intranet network services to enterprises.

Our customer base is diverse and includes enterprises in the education, retail and distribution, manufacturing, finance, as well as hospitality and tourism industries.