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Client Service Marketing Executive

Project management
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Petaling Jaya, Selangor

About The Job

“Just One Chance .. Once Chance to prove myself”
~ Brantley Foster The Secret of my Success
  • You know that you were born to make an impact. To meet Global Industry Leaders & to talk about how to improve their brands (which are older than you by the way) to a younger digital & human audience.
  • Forget the talk about being a Start Up Billionaire. You know that in real life, you need to pay your street dues.
  • Easy talk versus real hard work (to learn & prove yourself). If you agree with the latter, then continue reading.
  • You are good in Communicating (not Talking .. don’t know the difference then Stop here), and you have the intelligence to understand how numbers can work in your favour.

You are ready to be groomed to advice Global CEOs & Heads of Companies (Coca-Cola, P&G) about youth consumers. And we’re not talking in (1) Day or (1) month here. This is a Life Skills Journey. 
If this is you - No cappuccino, no expresso chai latte, Let’s just meet up over a simple cup of Coffee & Communicate.

  • Work with Global Lifestyle FMCG brands
  • Execute 360 degrees Brand Ideas & Campaigns involving Branding, Events, Social Media Networks & Digital Marketing
  • Candidates with Advertising Background are encouraged to apply
  • You will be trained to manage Marketing Portfolios of International Clients & grow your Career

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree in any related to Business / Marketing field
  • Required language(s): Bahasa Malaysia, Proficient in English
  • Committed to Passion + Quality

Our Culture


MYC! Malaysian Youth Community was established in 2000 AD by a former investment Banker who is passionate about Youth Community Projects. We started as a Free Social platform to help Young People to complete their Education with Curated information. Our Mission is to Connect Global Brands + Local Businesses to Malaysian Youth.


All we need is a Great Attitude, Eccentric Sense of Humor & Willingness to Learn and Add Value to Company.
Our Tagline is "We do Everything for Students... Except Study!"