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Hospitality Supervisor/Coordinator

Operations and admin
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Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

  • Communicate with the guest to arrange check in and check out
  • Communicate and resolve all guest's problems during their stay
  • Provide a great standard of service to ensure good reviews from the guest
  • Be polite and provide great hospitality to the guests
  • Ensure that all necessities are inside the unit before the guests stay
  • Required to purchase any missing inventory and stock to replenish the units whenever it is finished or near finish.
  • Communicate with the guests on all platforms to ensure that they follow the building management and the company's house rules.

  • Arrange the cleaners on which units to clean base on the check in and check out of guests
  • Supervise the cleaners to ensure that their work is good and they did not miss out anything when cleaning
  • Required to purchase any missing inventory and stock to replenish the cleaners when their cleaning materials are finished

  • Coordinate with the security guardhouse to ensure that all sets of card and key are arranged and available for the guests check in
  • Communicate and coordinate with the security personnel to ensure the smooth transition for the guest to check in and handle any problem arising between security and guests during their stay

Building Management
  • Ensure that the guests as well as the cleaners follow the rules set out by the building management

  • Communicate and answer any questions or problems that the owner has on their unit

Channel Manager
  • Work with the channel manager to ensure that the standard occupancy rate is reached

Job Requirements

  1. Experience with Online Travel Agency Platforms such as Airbnb, Expedia,, Agoda preferred not required. (Training Provided)
  2. Experience with managing people and have good leadership qualities