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Professional Legal Will Advisor 专业遗嘱规划师

Sales (Corporate, Real Estate, Telesales, etc.)
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Klang, Selangor

About The Job

Master Legacy is an asset and will planning company. Our purpose is to help clients plan their assets to protect client's family and their beloved family members. Master Legacy is composed of a group of well-trained and skilled professional asset and will planners. The goal is to ensure that client have the most comprehensive protection to protect you and your loved ones.

There are three main businesses of our company
First: Tailor-made for clients, an exclusive legal will.
Second : To deal with inheritance cessation.
Third: Help clients manage asset contracts and business contracts.

#MASTER LEGACY Future Prospects
Free choice: Can be Full Time or FlexibleTime
Encourage small capital to start a business
A forgotten area has been developed into the largest sales market.
✔️Partners who are willing to change the status quo are welcome to join ✔️

💰 Earn extra 3000-10000 high consulting income every month💰

#Market is very big: 95% of people in Malaysia have not made a will!
#Competition is small: Is anyone close to you in this industry? (The best proof)
#Each family's necessities: As long as you want to keep your assets, a will is a necessity!
#Multiple Income!
#SENIOR Hand-in-hand teaching: start 10 legal wills, senior colleagues will accompany you to talk!
#Make you a professional: professional training system, let you become a professional will planner!
#Create a better future: While developing your career, you can also form your own team to ensure that the older you get, the more valuable you are!
#Two-line development business : Can be develop online, offline business widely in your career !

Master Legacy是一间资产与遗嘱规划公司,我们的宗旨是帮助客户规划自身的资产,从而保护家庭与心爱的家人。Master Legacy是由一群训练有素且熟练的专业资产与遗嘱规划师组成,目标是确保客户拥有最全面的保障,以保护您与您所爱的家人。


  • 自由选择:可以当Full Time 或者 Flexible Time,无任欢迎!
  • 小资本创业
  • 一个被遗忘的区域,已开发成最大的销售市场


#SENIOR 手把手的教导:开始10份遗嘱,资深同事陪你一起谈!

Job Requirements

1) Age: 25-35 years old
2) Anyone with or without sales experience
3) Self-provided transportation
4) Language preferred: Mandarin & English

4)  首选语言 : 华语和英语

Our Culture


To offer the best advice and financial solutions at a sensible charging level. Above all, to protect every family and their loved ones, especially family with children under the age of majority.

Cultivate professional Will Advisors which are able to offer and deliver legal solutions on a bespoke basis to every client. To make and allow people to understand the many benefits that can be achieved by planning ahead in relation to legal and financial affairs. 


Master Legacy is a Will drafting company that helps individuals and business owners like you to protect their families and their assets with realistic, straightforward estate planning. TC & Ng Master Legacy is made up of highly skilled professional will advisor, whose objective it is to ensure that you have comprehensive cover in place to protect your family and loves ones. Our office is at Klang, Selangor, but we provide estate planning, administration and probate service throughout the whole of Malaysia. 
Our approach is to find the best solution for the problems in your life, whether you are considering drafting your first will, already have an estate plan in place or are assisting an elderly or incapacitated family member, we will help you develop a strategy that addresses your immediate needs and plans for the future.