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IT Product Support (IT Helpdesk)

IT - General
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Petaling Jaya, Selangor

About The Job

  • Monitor production site for system functional defects 
  • Define issue priority and impact to expedite resolution 
  • Report and follow up production issues with development team 
  • Assist client for product inquiries 
  • Perform issue analysis to assist on product improvement 

Job Requirements

  • Education level: SPM / O Level above
  • Mindset of continuous improvement 
  • Proactive and willing to take challenges 
  • Positive attitude and realistic approach towards solutions 
  • Close attention to detail and have strong curiosity 
  • High initiative and commitment to tasks and people 

Our Culture



PLAY as a way of life here has been the foundation behind Maja establishment. It happened that PLAY is also the forces who create UTILITY. Building solutions and entertainment that simplify human life and engagement. 

WE wanted our people to have more than just PLAY here. We work hard to create an environment where they will meet and BONDS like-minded people or a singing clown as their friends. 

Well GUTS is what the founders vehemently preach that we do not penalized people for making mistake rather if they never learn and attempt to disrupt and changes things. 

GUTS give the reason for PLAY

  • Work in a small team of committed and awesome people driven to deliver awesome products
  • We practice a certain level of flexi-hours
  • You can basically treat the office like your home, get comfortable, and be productive.
  • Well-stocked pantry. *FOOD IS IMPORTANT*
  • Pretty office is mandatory
  • Super cool boss, at least he think he is
  • Crazy colleague(s). *free in-house entertainment*
  • Best of all, you are a partner. Not an employee. 
  • And of course, the basics benefits are covered ;) 


Maja Solutions is a gaming company based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Since its founding in 2017; We have managed to produce more than 20 gaming products and a few mobile apps solutions for our clients. 
The company main goal is to create an environment where the daring and aspiring talents have a place to excel and create something fun and worthy. 
Our Vision is simple.
That’s right. Our Vision is simple. To make the world simpler.
Breaking all barrier of languages and cultures.
We start by making the games simpler.
That’s our mission. 
How the Maja Started?
Basically, its a story of how our founder wanted to play a game he had in his mind for many years. He has been waiting a game like that to be built by someone, so he could play it. But, nobody ever build that game …. He decided to build it on his own.
Join us in the journey of innovating and building high potential products!