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Assistant Supervisor

Marketing - General
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Tebrau - Johor Bharu, Johor

About The Job

  • Advertising and marketing professionals develop and coordinate advertising strategies and campaigns, determine the market for new goods and services, and identify and develop market opportunities for new and existing goods and services.
  • Tasks include –
  • Planning, developing and organizing advertising policies and campaigns to support sales objectives;
  • Advising managers and clients on strategies and campaigns to reach target markets, creating consumer awareness and effectively promoting the attributes of goods and services;
  • Writing advertising copy and media scripts, and arranging television and film production and media placement;
  • Collecting and analysing data regarding consumer patterns and preferences;Interpreting and predicting current and future consumer trends;
  • Researching potential demand and market characteristics for new goods and services;
  • Supporting business growth and development through the preparation and execution of marketing objectives, policies and programmes;
  • Commissioning and undertaking market research to identify market opportunities for new and existing goods and services;
  • Advising on all elements of marketing such as product mix, pricing, advertising and sales promotion, selling and distribution channels.
  • Able to do direct selling as per requested by superior

Job Requirements

  1. Candidate must possess at least a Professional Certificate, Advanced / Higher / Graduate Diploma, Degree, Advanced Degree.
  2. Fresh grads are encourage to apply. Training will be provided. 
  3. Fluent in English, Bahasa Malaysia.
  4. Positive attitude, passionate on collaborative teamwork, excel at interpersonal skills.
  5. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  6. Adaptable to change, able to pivot and find alternate solutions, demonstrated capability in meeting new challenges.
  7. Good problem solving skills, able to navigate unexpected situations or conditions.
  8. Critical observer-thinker, bringing fresh perspective and offer intuitive solutions and ideas.
  9. Demonstrated leadership skills in driving teamwork excellence, conflict resolution. 
  10. Business-minded where applicable with entrepreneurship skill to ensure business success.
  11. Have strong knowledge of applicable system automation, business solution softwares.