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e-Commerce Manager (Amazon)

Marketing - Digital
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Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

You are perfect for us if you are: 

An experienced eCommerce manager who has experience running websites selling consumer goods. You are highly organized, able to work independently with a lot of responsibility, analytical, and work well with a team. You are looking for an opportunity to be an influential part of a small team and build an exciting new consumer brand from the ground up.

Position Overview

The mission of the eCommerce Manager is to grow our direct to consumer online sales by managing and maintaining our Amazon storefronts to be as highly converting as possible. This will involve: 

  1. Ensuring that our Amazon product pages are up to date and featuring the right imagery and copy
  2. Maintaining the inventory levels and account health of our various Amazon accounts
  3. Maintaining our BuyBox percentage and leveraging Amazon LaunchPad for all possible benefits
  4. Running ads on Amazon
  5. Producing monthly reports detailing our account health and status to management

Note that given the very early stage of the company that we are in, a high degree of adaptability is expected and required for this role. We are constantly learning new things and adapting our strategy and activities accordingly. Indeed, we see this as one of our key competitive advantages over the incumbents as it will allow us to try many more things and move much quicker than our competitors. 
As such we expect this person to only look at this job description as a guideline. With just a handful of people in our company, we eschew roles and seek people willing and able to ignore job descriptions. Everyone’s job at Lumos is to do anything and everything we can to make it a success and meet our company goals regardless of our “jobs”. 


Job Requirements

Key skills and characteristics we’re looking for

  1. You are highly organized, detail oriented, comfortable with numbers and are reasonably digital/computer/excel savvy
    • Managing our Amazon accounts will involve a lot of using the Amazon backend system, which is not always user friendly or intuitive. You will need to be able to figure it out. 
    • It will also involve tracking many lists and numbers of our various SKUs and their inventory levels. What is selling well and needs to be replenished? Which are moving slower than expected? Etc.
    • It will also involve monitoring the account health/score of all our Amazon stores and updating/maintaining them to ensure continued health
    • Familiarity, experience, and expertise with eCommerce platforms including Amazon Seller Central and Amazon LaunchPad will naturally be highly desired. However it is not necessary for this position. We will be able to teach it to you and walk you through it. 
  2. You are detail oriented
    • There is a lot to keep track on Amazon, and it’s easy to make mistakes (eg. Typos etc.) on the platform. Sometimes these small slip ups can have major consequences. We need someone who is careful, methodical, and steady. 
  3. Analytical thinking 
    • You’ll need to monitor inventory levels, sell-through trends, and identify problems by monitoring key metrics .
    • You’ll need to project out trends and make plans and recommendations accordingly.
    • Nice to have: Python/coding ability.
  4. Experience and success running an online store and/or Amazon account (experience with Shopee, Lazada, or EBay also acceptable).
  5. Familiarity with CRO and SEO.
  6. Nice to have: 
    • Familiarity, experience, and expertise with other common software applications such as Zapier.
    • Writing - Ability to write clearly/creatively/in a compelling way.
    • Having a good visual aesthetic (does not have to be a designer, but should know what looks good and what does not).
    • Expertise with HTML and CSS (further ability with JS and other front end abilities a huge plus).
    • Able to come up with good, original ideas, and to communicate the idea to the team + customers.
    • Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch/XD/Figma.
    • Experienced being a bike commuter in an American or European city at some point in their life. Passion for bikes is a huge plus.
    • Detail oriented and organized. You’re a pro at managing and prioritizing the workload for yourself and your team.
    • Interest in startups, entrepreneurship, and building things from the ground up.
To apply:
Please submit your Resume/CV along with a statement of interest/cover letter.

Our Culture


Lumos value qualities, skills, behaviors, attitudes, and attributes of our employees, we hire and promote people who demonstrate these values. By so doing, the intention is to inspire more of those behaviors, and create a self-reinforcing culture.


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