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20, Jalan Perak, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

  • Provide Skincare and make up advice to customers. 
  • Promote and sell makeup and skincare products. 
  • Build relationships with customers through good customer service and explanation on what the products do and how they can benefit from the brand. 
  • Provide support in monitoring stock levels and opening and closing. 
  • Achieve Sales targets set by the company. 

Job Requirements

  • Experience in retail sales is a plus. 
  • Must be able to speak & communicate fluently in English and Bahasa Malaysia. 
  • Combination of education equivalent to graduation from high school or any other combination of education, training and experience that provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities. 
  • Candidates must possess a self motivation and enthusiastic hard working positive mental attitude. 
  • Candidates must be Goal Oriented and have a burning desire to achieve whatever it takes to reach her/his goals. 
  • Candidate should be eager to learn and follow guidelines set forth by the company. 
  • Must be very professional with customers and always think service while pampering every customer with the same level of enthusiasm and accommodation regardless of the circumstances. 
  • Shift working pattern from 10AM to 7PM or 1PM to 10PM based on business demands 6 days a week. 
Compensation Package: 
Selected candidates can expect an excellent compensation package with contribution to EPF & SOCSO, EIS and Medical coverage. 
Base Salary + daily commissions and other bonuses [based on targets and sales numbers] 

Class training combined with in field on the job training and support. 
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Our Culture


At ORIGANI we truly care about the world we inhabit and are extremely appreciative for everything nature provides us. As such, we create our quality skin care range with this in mind. To achieve our aim of creating superb products, we utilise advanced engineering approaches that promote a harmonious relationship between the natural organic ingredients that we source and the innovative scientific techniques that we use. It is our naturally and organically sourced ingredients, coupled with our continuous commitment to, and respect for, our environment and community, which sets us apart from others. 


At ORIGANI we believe in beautiful, natural skin. We believe in nurturing the harmonious relationship between nature and science to bring you the finest in organic skin care. We believe you should not have to choose between quality and price, so let ORIGANI be your luxury skin care solution, because compromising on your skin care should not be an option!

To innovate continually to produce a superior-quality, world leading, organic skin care range by using environmentally and socially aware practices that foster the harmonious relationship between nature and science, whilst simultaneously having a positive impact on the earth and our community. 
At ORIGANI we are extremely passionate about excellence in beauty and about enhancing the natural body-nourishing elements found in nature. We aim to bring these to you through our beautifully organic and natural skin care range. We constantly strive to source and extract the finest organic materials in our environment, and through revolutionary scientific methods, advanced technology, and innovative practices, we bring these into your every-day life through our luxurious ORIGANI products.