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Mobile Application Developer

IT - Software Development
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Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

Job Overview: 
We are looking for a strong mobile application developer who welcomes both development and maintenance tasks. The primary focus will be to implement new user interfaces and features together with automated unit and integration tests.
What YOU will be working on :
  • Developing, updating, and maintaining Life Line Lab’s mobile applications 
  • Suggest and implement new mobile applications and protocols
  • Remain up to date with the terminology, concepts, and best practices for coding mobile apps
  • Work closely with functional and technical team to constantly innovate app functionality and design
  • Assist and advise on UI/UX design to improve user experience
  • Use and adapt existing web applications for apps
  • Communicate with users to understand their needs and experiences

Job Requirements

What WE are looking for:
  • A Bachelor’s or a Professional Degree in Computer Science or Information Technology
  • At least 2 years’ proven experience as a Mobile Application Developer
  • Have published one or more iOS / Android / Harmony apps in the store(s)

What’s a MUST have?
  • Knowledge about mobile app development. 
  • Familiarity with RESTful APIs
  • Experience with profiling and debugging mobile applications
  • Understanding mobile app design guidelines on each platform and being aware of their differences
  • Proficiency in React Native, Expo platform
  • Familiarity with state management libraries (e.g., Redux, Recoil)
  • Familiarity with push notifications
  • Source Control (e.g., GitHub, Gitlab)
  • Personal characteristics - good work ethic, team player, self-directed, and passionate about technology

Our Culture


So, WHAT do we do in a nutshell? 
  • We have developed a robust and traceable patient medical records backbone within the healthcare ecosystem 
  • Besides that, we have adopted the latest technology to develop solutions pertaining to the healthcare industry primarily for patients and/or customers and medical service providers 
  • This collected data will ultimately be encrypted at rest in a blockchain
  • Integrating data captured from various sources such as wearable devices, imaging, IoT, etc for analytics, AI and Big Data purposes 

You may ask, WHY this innovation? 
Just like you, we to have experienced the painful journey with the medical industry. We have come to realise, currently all our medical data exists in silos, in individual medical service providers. The drawback is however, this practice presents several problems to us as patients and/or customer and to the medical service providers as well. 

As a patient it gives me lesser control over my personal health records. This data is controlled and secured by individual medical service providers and I’m not allowed to share or have full excess to it. Our R&D has revealed that a lot of times, this storage and structure of the data isn’t standardise either. With this being the case, the repercussions, during an emergency could proof to be fatal. 

And WHERE is this magic happening? 
Our lab is constantly researching and innovating on new technologies and how we can continuously empower people towards a healthier living. Our growing lab and team are currently focused in Malaysia. However, we intend to spread our wings regionally soon and not too far in the distant future, all over the world. 

HOW is this a game changer? 
Let us put to rest any fear you may have with our latest innovation. Our ABCD technology will ensure safe and smooth sail with not only the data protection privacy but also you are the BOSS of your own health data. 


Life Line Lab is devoted to making your medical journey both as a healthcare giver and a patient smooth sailing, easy going and engageable. Life Line Lab aims to not only serve Malaysia but across The Globe as well. Making LIFE simple, In LINE with the latest technology, constantly innovating in our LAB.

Empowering people with all possible options for their diagnosis rather than just relying on their doctors or second opinion only. This can be achieved by pooling specific healthcare resources and information and making it available as a one stop go to option.

As an ABCD technology solutions provider, we aim to empower everyone with healthcare in your palm via this brand-new ground-breaking technology, which ensures total privacy and discretion. Let's just say for now, these 4 emerging technologies will meet the expectations of end users with relevant information as and when they need it or want it. The potential of ABCD technology is very profound with its limitless capacity, safety and security and it is going to be a game changer.