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Concept Artist

Visual Design (Graphics, Interior, UI/UX, etc.)
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Shah Alam, Selangor

About The Job

Reporting to the Lead Artist and Art Director, the Concept Artist works within a team of artists to create 3D assets necessary for monthly content pushes and milestones. The Concept artist’s main responsibilities will be creating illustrations, textures and/or concept art for a wide range of subject matter and styles ranging from backgrounds, vehicles, characters, creatures, robots, and machinery that can be stylized, realistic, sci-fi, or fantasy.

Job Requirements

  1. 1-3 years professional experience as a concept artist and/or illustrator
  2. Expert in at least three areas of 3D artistic production.
  3. High level of drawing and illustration skills, able to work in both digital and traditional medium.
  4. Have a high understanding in human anatomy, perspective, lighting and rendering.
  5. Ability to visualize perspective and 3-dimensional space.
  6. A keen interest in design, architecture, film and games.
  7. Have a vast imagination, Ability to visualize and interpret other people ideas.
  8. Proficient with the software packages and tools of the games industry.
  9. Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues and staff to create results driven, team oriented environment.
  10. Able to produce high quality refine promotional marketing art. 

Our Culture


Our goal has always been "to be inspired by good art and to make good art that inspires". We celebrate creativity, ownership, and friendship. We believe in hard work and enjoying the journey together. Life as a Lemonion is about making work, a work of art.


Cutting-edge visual content, it’s the name of our game

Our well-rounded understanding of the video game and animation industry makes us a specialist in what we do. That’s why we’re Malaysia’s leading CGI studio as well as one of the region’s best art outsourcing companies.

Our ability to tailor solutions to our client’s creative visions has seen us working closely with some of the biggest names in the business. And with passionate and talented artists behind our keen eye and sense for fine detail, we’re proud to say we’ve earned our fans.

Be it conception or production, every project is an adventure to which we’re committed. Dare we say, we’re excited by the journey, no matter the challenge. After all, we’re called Lemon Sky for a reason. We’re where ideas are fresh and possibilities endless.