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Server programmer (Lua) 服务端程序员

Information technology
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Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

About The Job

  1. Responsible for server-side development of game function systems;
  2. Actively follow up and deal with the bugs of the responsible modules;
  3. Complete development tasks on time according to requirements;

* Some qualified candidates are welcome to apply for interviews
  • Excellent salary based on interview, learning experience and working ability
  • Welfare: Provide provident fund EPF, social security SOCSO, annual leave, meal supplement and dormitory; pay semi-annually
  • Working hours: 9 hours (1 hour off), 6 days a month (large and small)

  1. 负责游戏功能系统的服务端开发工作;
  2. 主动跟进与处理所负责模块的bug;
  3. 根据需求,按时完成开发任务;

  • 依据面试以及学经验与工作能力优渥给薪
  • 福利:提供公积金EPF、 社保SOCSO、年假、餐补和宿舍;每半年调薪一次
  • 工作时间:9小时(1小时休),月休6日(大小休)

Job Requirements

  • Proficient in C / C ++ programming language, proficient in using Lua scripting language, and more than 1 year of mobile game server experience;
  • Familiar with various algorithms and data structures, and mysql database.
  • Have good communication skills and teamwork skills, a high degree of work responsibility and professionalism;
  • Passionate about research technology, have the ability to independently analyze and solve problems, be serious and responsible, and have good pressure resistance.
  • University degree or above

  • 精通C/C++编程语言,熟练运用lua脚本语言,具有1年以上手游服务端经验;
  • 熟悉各种算法和数据结构,熟悉mysql数据库。
  • 具备良好的沟通能力和团队合作能力,高度的工作责任心和敬业精神;
  • 热衷于钻研技术,有独立分析解决问题的能力,认真负责,有良好的抗压能力。
  • 大学本科及以上学历