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Product Manager (Advanced / Intermediate) 产品经理 (高级/中级)

Information technology
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Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

About The Job

  1. Responsible for the product roadmap and product planning and design of the platform product line
  2. Responsible for leading important product design lines, planning product evolution directions, writing product requirement books and product prototypes, assisting development teams to understand and master requirements, and being responsible for product demand directions and ease of use
  3. Monitor user behavior data, performance tracking, data analysis, and propose product optimization plans for the products in charge
  4. Research various products and applications in the market, tap and grasp the needs of target users for different levels of information, and form specific product functions
  5. Study market and user needs, analyze competitive products, continuously optimize products, improve user experience and activity, and plan competitive products

* Some qualified candidates are welcome to apply for interviews
  • Excellent salary based on interview, learning experience and working ability
  • Welfare: Provide provident fund EPF, social security SOCSO, annual leave, meal supplement and dormitory; pay semi-annually
  • Working hours: 9 hours (1 hour off), 6 days a month (large and small)

  1. 负责平台产品线的产品路线图与产品规划设计
  2. 负责主导重要产品设计条线,规划产品演进方向,编写产品需求书、产品原型,协助开发团队理解和掌握需求,对产品需求方向和易用性负责
  3. 对所负责的产品进行用户行为数据监测、性能跟踪、数据分析、提出产品优化方案
  4. 研究市场上各种产品和应用,挖掘与把握在目标用户对于信息不同层面的需求,并形成具体的产品功能
  5. 研究市场和用户需求,竞品分析,不断优化产品,提升用户体验及活跃度,同时策划有竞争力的产品

  • 依据面试以及学经验与工作能力优渥给薪
  • 福利:提供公积金EPF、 社保SOCSO、年假、餐补和宿舍;每半年调薪一次
  • 工作时间:9小时(1小时休),月休6日(大小休)

Job Requirements

  1. Familiar with chess and card game development and on-line processes, and have independent experience in game project investigation, planning, iteration, and project management
  2. Have unique insights on user interaction experience, have good teamwork ability, can withstand a certain intensity of work pressure
  3. Familiar with software such as Visio, Xmind, Axure, SVN, familiar with the overall implementation process and life cycle of Internet products, including requirements research, product planning and design, product release, software version management
  4. Responsible for the overall planning, function and shape design of the product, and communicate with relevant departments to coordinate the resources of all parties during the product establishment and promotion process;
  5. Customer demand research and market analysis, responsible for the entire process management of the product, formulating product plans, designing product functions, etc., to tap valuable customer needs;
  6. Follow-up of product requirements and verification of product delivery, post-product iteration and optimization;
  7. Analysis and research of similar products; interactive design of product prototypes.

  1. 熟悉棋牌游戏开发和上线流程,有独立负责游戏项目调研、规划、迭代、项目管理经验
  2. 对用户交互体验有独到见解,具有良好的团队协作能力,能承受一定强度的工作压力
  3. 熟练使用Visio、Xmind、Axure、SVN等软件,熟悉互联网产品整体实现过程和生命周期,包括需求调研、产品规划设计、产品发布、软件版本管理
  4. 负责产品的整体规划、功能与形态设计,在产品建立和推进过程中,与相关部门沟通协调各方资源;
  5. 客户需求调研和市场分析,负责产品的全过程管理,制定产品规划、设计产品功能等,挖掘有价值的客户需求;
  6. 产品需求跟进和产品交付验证,后期产品迭代和优化;
  7. 同类型产品分析和研究;产品原型交互设计。