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Game Artist (3D Animation / Action / Character / UI) 游戏美术设计师 (3D动画/动作/角色/ UI)

Information technology
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Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

About The Job

1. Responsible for game related art design, creative proposal and production
2. Cooperate with the main beauty and team for conceptual design creation and drawing related art resources
3. Responsible for setting the character or scene in the game
4. Design and produce various special effects in the game according to planning needs
5. According to the needs of the project, perform bone binding and action production for the game 3D character

* Some qualified candidates are welcome to apply for interviews
  • Excellent salary based on interview, learning experience and working ability
  • Welfare: Provide provident fund EPF, social security SOCSO, annual leave, meal supplement and dormitory; pay semi-annually
  • Working hours: 9 hours (1 hour off), 6 days a month (large and small)

1. 负责游戏相关美术设计、创意提案和制作工作
2. 配合主美和团队进行概念设计创作及绘制相关美术资源
3. 负责游戏内的角色或场景设定
4. 根据策划需求设计制作游戏内各种特效效果
5. 根据项目需求,为游戏3D角色进行骨骼的绑定和动作的制作

  • 依据面试以及学经验与工作能力优渥给薪
  • 福利:提供公积金EPF、 社保SOCSO、年假、餐补和宿舍;每半年调薪一次
  • 工作时间:9小时(1小时休),月休6日(大小休)

Job Requirements

1. Solid art skills, fine arts and related majors
2. Good at designing various game styles, outstanding in character or scene design and color control
3. Love game industry, have strong sense of responsibility and work patience, good at communicating with others, and have good teamwork
4. Familiar with design related software, such as: Photoshop, Flash, AI, etc.
5. Please attach a work that can reflect the ability of the post to your resume

1. 扎实的美术功底,美术及相关类专业
2. 擅长设计各类游戏风格,角色或场景设计能力和色彩控制能力出众
3. 热爱游戏事业,具有强烈的责任心和工作耐心,善于与他人沟通,并且有良好的团队合作精神