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Database Administrator (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) 数据库管理员(初级,中级,高级)

Information technology
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Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

About The Job

1. Database routine inspection and abnormal records
2. Database capacity and data growth monitoring
3. Maintain the stable operation of the database, and handle and analyze the daily database problems;
4. Database performance optimization;
5. Assist developers in SQL tuning, database deployment, performance optimization, etc.

* Some qualified candidates are welcome to apply for interviews
  • Excellent salary based on interview, learning experience and working ability
  • Welfare: Provide provident fund EPF, social security SOCSO, annual leave, meal supplement and dormitory; pay semi-annually
  • Working hours: 9 hours (1 hour off), 6 days a month (large and small)

1. 数据库日常巡检,与异常记录
2. 数据库容量与数据增长监控
3. 维护数据库稳定运行,对日常数据库问题处理与分析;
4. 数据库的性能优化;
5. 协助开发人员SQL调优、数据库部署、性能优化等。

  • 依据面试以及学经验与工作能力优渥给薪
  • 福利:提供公积金EPF、 社保SOCSO、年假、餐补和宿舍;每半年调薪一次
  • 工作时间:9小时(1小时休),月休6日(大小休)

Job Requirements

1. Computer related major, more than 1 year working experience.
2. Familiar with mysql architecture and database operations.
3. Familiar with the creation and execution of database stored procedures, triggers and functions.
4. Understand database backup methods and be proficient in recovery exercises
5. Proficiency in Python, Shell, Go, PHP and other languages ​​is preferred.
6. Internet industry dba is preferred, and those with big data management experience are preferred.

1. 计算机相关专业,1年以上工作经验。
2. 熟悉mysql体系结构,熟悉数据库各类操作。
3. 熟悉数据库存储过程、触发器、函数的创建与执行。
4. 了解数据库备份方式,并能熟练进行恢复演练
5. 熟练掌握Python, Shell, Go, PHP等语言中的一门者优先 。
6. 互联网行业dba优先,具备大数据管理经验者优先。