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Back-end development technicians (Java,Python) 后端开发科技人员

Information technology
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Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

About The Job

  1. Undertake core function code writing
  2. Undertake the company's new project or new product development work, and be able to complete the development or design tasks as required and with high quality
  3. Familiar with analysis and design tools, write design documents in accordance with the requirements of the specification
  4. According to the designed function, implement module code writing and maintenance
  5. Provide related technical support and training according to customer needs, coordinate and solve customer technical problems

* Some qualified candidates are welcome to apply for interviews
  • Excellent salary based on interview, learning experience and working ability
  • Welfare: Provide provident fund EPF, social security SOCSO, annual leave, meal supplement and dormitory; pay semi-annually
  • Working hours: 9 hours (1 hour off), 6 days a month (large and small)

  1. 承担核心功能代码编写
  2. 承担公司新项目或新产品的开发工作,并能够按要求、高质量地完成开发或设计任务
  3. 熟练掌握分析设计工具,按照规范的要求,编写设计文档
  4. 按照设计的功能,实现模块的代码编写和维护

  • 依据面试以及学经验与工作能力优渥给薪
  • 福利:提供公积金EPF、 社保SOCSO、年假、餐补和宿舍;每半年调薪一次
  • 工作时间:9小时(1小时休),月休6日(大小休)

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, more than two years of development experience in JAVA and WEB related aspects, can independently complete the development of related modules
2. Solid programming foundation, proficient in Java programming language, master mainstream databases such as orcale, MySQL, familiar with development technology such as Javascript, familiar with j2ee architecture
3. One of them is very good in technical fields, such as distributed system design, business modeling, data analysis, data exchange, process engine, etc.
4. Excellent team spirit, honesty, hard work, rigorous, communication and expression, time management

1. 本科及以上学历, 两年以上JAVA、WEB相关方面的开发经验,能独立完成相关模块的开发
2. 扎实的编程基础,精通Java编程语言, 掌握orcale、MySQL等主流数据库,熟悉Javascript等开发技术,熟悉j2ee架构
3. 在技术领域方面有一项非常擅长,比如分布式系统设计、业务建模、数据分析、数据交换、流程引擎等
4. 优秀的团队合作精神, 诚实,勤奋,严谨, 沟通表达, 时间管理