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Sales Development Representative

Sales and marketing
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Damansara, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

This position is actually under KATSANA Fleet Services Sdn Bhd and KATSANA FLeet is a subsidiary of KATSANA Holdings Sdn Bhd. KATSANA Fleet Services Sdn Bhd powers the operation of small to large transportation & logistic companies in South-East Asia. As a sales development representative your task will be: 

  • Make high volume outbound calls on daily basis.
  • Establish contact immediately upon receiving fresh leads from offline and online sources at all times, even outside of working hours.
  • Ability to qualify potential clients with a series of screening questions
  • Answer pre-sales questions about the product and the company
  • Accurately schedule sales meeting between Account Executive and Qualified Leads
  • Follow up with Sales Executive and Qualified Leads on appointments set
  • Work with sales teams to grow the sales pipeline to consistently meet monthly revenue goals. 
  • Provide closed-loop cycle for micro leads generated from inbound/outbound to generate own revenue
  • Engage targeted database list based on marketing campaigns objective to generate relevant quality leads

Job Requirements

  • 2 years working experience.
  • Actively participate in weekly sales meetings
  • Proficient in MS Office, Email and Calendars
  • Excellent communication and organisational skills 
  • Good communication & writing skills in English. 

Our Culture


The name KATSANA
The name KATSANA originated by a Malay abbreviation for “dekat sana”which stands for “over there” in English.

  • To create safer roads and save lives through technology.

  • To become the defacto solution for usage-based insurance telematics in the region.
  • To become the forefront of connected-cars technology in the automative industry.
  • To become the largest telematics provider in the international market.


Team Effort, World Class, Transparent, Inquisitive & Decisive

As KATSANA evolves and grow, the company will face new challenges, rewarded with new opportunities, and become home to talents that find solace in our organisation, these five values remains :

Team Effort
Everyone has a say and everyone has to have ownership of the products. That means we care about the development and we are honest and direct with constructive criticism. We are a team, so we are also thoughtful in how we do it, and tender when we say it.

World Class
We strive to be the benchmark for other technology companies. We do things with pride in our work, where passion emanates from every corner of the products. We are a team that are more than the sum of all parts.

We put honesty above everything else. We accept that mistakes happen, and we expect people to learn from it. We are a team that find solutions together and grow together.

We ask questions, and understand that answers may be varied. We poke and experiment with new technologies, yet we value and respect tried and tested techniques. Our final answers are based on data, with instinct as guidance.

We value action than indecision. We understand that success does not lie with right or wrong decision. Success lies with perseverance and resilience when a decision is made.