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UX / Visual Designers + PM

Creative - Visual Design (Graphics, Interior, UI/UX, etc.)
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KL Sentral/ Work from Hom, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

You turn applications into something that people like and want to use.

You are inspired to create a design theme that becomes the classic in local region – that other startup always tell their staff to refer to your work.

You cannot tolerate making user life hard. You strive and fanatic in making users completing their tasks easily in our system, and becoming more engaging from time to time.

Join – you the special one 

Job Requirements


  • You have been dealing with professional UX design work last few years and show us your portfolio on how you dealt with the design, NOT merely a graphic UI designer
  • Experience with coding and ability to troubleshoot using HTML, CSS and comparable languages - You know which modules to use for coding out your design, not getting frontend engineers  to figure out which modules to use
  • You can explain the pros and cons on Helvetica font, the Fluent Design theme, and differences of the material / iOS design theme in the detail level
  • You have demonstrated experience in driving conversion rate on the web, both usage adoption and advertisement

Our Culture


We make, a beautiful HR system. Every month hundreds of companies started to use our system to upgrade their company into a more awesome place to work at.

Payroll, Leave, Expense Claims, etc. You will be involved in making something your family, your friends, your school mates can use of. That's really AWESOME!

We have a dream team of startup. You do want to be a part of it. Here we are people who made Microsoft Office,,,


  • small team, fast execution, take initiative and get things worked out
  • building impact in Malaysia's business community!
  • my friends and family could use the product I work on