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Sales and marketing
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WORQ TTDI, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job 是近年来最炙手可热的Startup之一,凭借云端线上技术底蕴颠覆着中小企业跟”人”相关的事务流程,比如Payroll,报销、请假等等。从初创企业到外企,上万家公司正在使用,每年收入增长数倍。

  • 你相信天道酬勤吗?在完整的技术、培训、团队支持,我们一起敲下成百上千的企业客户! 
  • 技术老大们是前微软、Zalora等的工程师大牛,是你坚实的后盾! 
  • 我们找寻着优秀的客户成功顾问式销售,鉴别物色我们的潜在客户、协助客户成功使用上能够让他们的工作做得更好、他们的企业运作得更好、我们在帮助更多企业变成优秀的企业!)、有效率地关单收钱。你将拥有业界顶尖的收入提成、工作环境和客户认同。你将影响千千万万家公司和数以万计的员工的生活、工作。; 
  • 我们追求:正直、极致服务、创新思维、成果导向、团队。Kakitangan.com致力提供公正公平的工作环境,不分种族肤色性别取向年龄。我们支持成功、成绩、成果、经验、能力、团队一起达成共同目标。 
  • 不需要大学文凭 
  • 一到五年的工作经验。(刚毕业的话,请证明你对成功的执着、努力和饥渴) is one of the hottest startups in recent years, With cloud-based technology, it has subverted the business processes related to the SMEs, such as payroll, reimbursement, leave, and so on. From start-ups to foreign companies, tens of thousands of companies are using, which has a multiple annual revenue increase. 

  • Do you believe in heavenly rewards? With complete technology, training and team support, we have knocked down hundreds of corporate customers! 
  • The technical bosses are the former engineers of Microsoft and Zalora, and they are the solid backbone of the company. 
  • We are looking for excellent customer-success consultancy sales, identifying and retain our potential customers. 
  • Assisting our customers in successfully using ( make their work and business work better, we are helping more customers become good companies.), efficiently collect money. 
  • You will have the industry's top revenue, work environment and customer recognition. You will affect the lives and work of thousands of companies and tens of thousands of employees; 

We pursue: integrity, ultimate service, innovative thinking, results orientation, and team. is committed to providing a fair and equitable working environment regardless of ethnicity and gender orientation. We support success, achievement, results, experience, ability, and teamwork to achieve common goals. 

No university diploma required. One to five years of work experience. (If you just graduated, please prove your persistence, hardwork and hunger for success)  

Job Requirements

  • 达到甚至超越销售目标 
  • 开发、执行客户策略,正确地和客户沟通,帮助他们成功提高效率,很好地使用上 
  • 用你的高招挖掘新的客户群 !
  • 维系良好的客户关系
  • 和顶级优秀的同事共事 
  • 在公司快速成长过程,充斥着大量的学习和成长机会 
  • 工作成就感,你的工作影响大量的企业和其员工,给世界带来改变 

  • 有销售目标的工作经验 
  • 超越过销售目标 
  • 跟中小企业沟通的经验 
  • 有一些HR经验比如Payroll、报销、Leave 
  • 目标导向、有极强的驱动和自我纪律去超越目标 
  • 有极优秀的电话沟通能力,永远正面、坚定、自信的风格 
  • 客户热爱你 
  • 语言能力 - 听、说、写 
  • 快速学习能力获取知识,并保持饥渴学习的状态 
  • 自我纪律,良好的时间规划能力 
  • 个人单兵战斗和团队协作战斗 
  • 成熟自信享受压力有极强的工作道德 
  • 强烈意愿一步一脚印地建立你的长期事业

1) Meet or exceed sales targets. 
2) Develop and execute customer strategies, communicate with customers correctly, help them succeed and improve efficiency, and use well. 
3) Use your tricks to tap new customer base! 
4) Maintain good customer relationships. 

1) Working with top-notch colleagues. 
2) In the process of rapid growth of the company, there are a lot of learning and growth opportunities. 
3) A sense of job satisfaction, your work affects a large number of companies and their employees, bringing change to the world. 

1) Work experience with sales targets.
2) Experience in communicating with SMEs. 
3) Have some HR experience like payroll, reimbursement, leave, goal-oriented, highly driven and self-disciplined to go beyond the goal. 
4) Excellent communication skills, always positive, firm and confident style. 
5) Customer love you. 
6) Language ability - listening, speaking, writing. 
7) Fast learning ability to acquire knowledge and maintain a state of hunger and thirst. 
8) Self-disciplined, good time planning ability. 
9) Individual combat and teamwork battle. 
10) Mature self confidence, enjoy the pressure, have a strong work ethic.
11) Strongly willing to build your long-term career step by step. 

Our Culture


  • small team, fast execution, take initiative and get things worked out
  • building impact in Malaysia's business community!
  • my friends and family could use the product I work on


We make, a beautiful HR system. Every month hundreds of companies started to use our system to upgrade their company into a more awesome place to work at.

Payroll, Leave, Expense Claims, etc. You will be involved in making something your family, your friends, your school mates can use of. That's really AWESOME!

We have a dream team of startup. You do want to be a part of it. Here we are people who made Microsoft Office,,,