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Remote Financial Specialist

Sales and marketing
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kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

FINEX Group has created an incredible business model that is both simple-to-follow and easy-to-duplicate. Following the FINEX business model gives you a foothold into building your own successful business.

What we offer:
  • RM3000+ commission + incentives (total 3K -15k)
  • Can work remotely via ZOOM ( can work anytime, anywhere, anyone, and even work from home too) 
  • Online & offline working environment 
  • Flexible working hours - non 9am to 5pm job 
  • Teamwork base & pleasant working environments 

Services that we provide :
  • Personal Insurance Planning 
  • Corporate Insurance Planning 
  • Estate Planning (Will & Trust)
  • Retirement planning 
  • Investment Planning

我们是一家拥有10年经验,充满活力的财富管理&资产规划公司。拥有自己的品牌及律师顾问。 目前正向着全马市场前进,因为疫情我们将业务从线下销售转为向线上销售发展。足不出户也能线上面谈,线上服务,线上成交,客户也乐于接受。全新模式更适合年轻人/宝妈/网络工作者,工作效率也将大大提升。

  • 我们提供:
  • RM3000 +佣金+奖励(共3K -15k)
  • 可以通过ZOOM进行工作(可以随时随地工作,甚至可以在家中工作)
  • 在线和离线工作环境
  • 灵活的工作时间-非上午9点至下午5点工作
  • 团队合作基础和愉快的工作环境

  • 个人保险计划
  • 企业保险计划
  • 遗产规划(遗嘱和信托)
  • 退休计划

Job Requirements

Required Qualifications:
  • No experience necessary. A strong sales background is preferred.
  • Self-motivated, proactive, self-discipline, positive and with high integrity.
  • Up-to-date cell phone, laptop/Ipad, experience using technology remotely.
  • Coachable, combined with an initiative to communicate with mentors/managers regularly.
  • A commitment to ongoing improvement in skill set and leadership abilities.
  • Ethical and moral code of conduct.
  • An entrepreneurial mindset with a desire for growth.
  • Plus,system-driven passive Income opportunities for those who want to own their own business

  • 积极并有高诚信度。
  • 责任心,勤奋有耐心。
  • 有冲劲,领导力强与团队配合度高。
  • 心态良好,有自律。
  • 自我激励,自动自发。

Our Culture


FINEX Group is one of the fastest-growing and award-winning group. We focus on two things: professionalism and characteristic. Professionalism determines your sustainability, and characteristics determine your circle of network. Our vision is to be the No.1 brand in wealth management and estate planning industry. Create maximum value for the customers and partners, to achieve the win-win situation. Our mission is to guard the dreams of every family, helps the ordinary to create an extraordinary life.

Our Strength,
1. In house legal advisor
2. A wide spectrum of products/services: Financial related products, will and trust.
3. FINEX 10x System includes Marketing, Legacy, Training and Recruitment.

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1. Ambitious //目标导向,敢梦敢为
2. Deliver //全力以赴,追求卓越
3. Independent //独当一面,以身作则
4. Growth & Gong Ho //终身成长,共好思维
5. Open Communication //开放沟通,绝不是非