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Administrative cum Personal Assistant

Operations and admin
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Damansara Uptown, Selangor

About The Job

  • Support and assist the Director in all matters including secretarial duties, personal, administrative, confidential matters
  • Maintaining, scheduling and coordinating all meeting/appointments closely
  • Handling general accountancy and filing duties
  • Organizing and coordinate meetings, taking dictation and minutes
  • Dealing with general correspondence with external parties
  • Assist on personal errands assigned or any other assignments as an when required
  • Maintain a proper filing system.

Job Requirements

  • Pleasant personality and ability to work independently
  • High level of integrity and able to maintain confidentially at all time
  • Computer literate-Microsoft Windows and Office
  • Possess good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Able to speak and write in English and Chinese

Our Culture


愿景 Vision
  • 最有影响力的团队,最有爱的团队 To be the most influential & supportive group
  • 打造更多的百万年薪代理人和经历 To create more millionaire agents & leaders
  • 3年成为马来西亚最有影响力的团队 To be the most influential group in Malaysia within 3 years
  • 5年成为东南亚最有影响力的团队 To be the most influential group in Southeast Asia within 5 years

使命 Mission
  • 帮助更多年轻人创业 To develop more young entrepreneurs
  • 以客为尊,为客户提供最专业的意见 To provide solutions & professionalism advice to every clientele

指标 Benchmark
  • 100% 百万美元代销合格者 100% Million Dollar Agency Qualifier

原则 Principle
  • 领导者至少需要维持FYP 500,000 (低于FYP 500,000 将会被降级) Leaders to maintain FYP 500,000 (Failure to do so will subject to demotion)
  • 以团队的利益为先 Group's reputation & interests is our utmost priority
  • 诚心 Sincerity amongst every business partner
  • 义气 Loyalty to the group

核心价值 Core Value
  • 互相尊重 Mutual respect
  • 感恩 Gratitude
  • 无私 Teamwork
  • 成长 Growth
  • 开心 Optimism

定位 Positioning
  • 年轻人的创业平台 The most desired entrepreneurial platform


With more than 10 years of experience in the financial industry, we provide a platform for established and aspiring entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams and building their career together with our group of passionate, hardworking and friendly agents.

Besides, our top priority is to deliver first class service & maximum satisfaction to our clients and to lead them towards their financial goals. Our years of experience in financial planning will help our clients in many aspects of savings, risk management, estate/legacy planning, & investments.