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Senior Finance Executive

Accounting and finance
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TTDI, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

Here at Integricity, we're looking for someone who is capable of multi-tasking and handling the accounts for a group of companies. We use Xero as an accounting software (yes, Xero - that's right, it's not a typo!), we love systems that can automate as much of our work as possible. You will be responsible for leading a small team. Amongst your responsibilities, you will:

  • Manage day-to-day financial bookkeeping, financial reporting audit and tax compliance.
  • Manage accounting functions to ensure accurate and timely reporting of all financial and management report.
  • Coordinate the preparation of annual audit.
  • Monitor cash flow and credit facility utilisation.
  • Ensure timely and accurate preparation of compliance and statutory requirements, company policies and procedures, and accounting standards.
  • Maintain fixed asset register, depreciation schedule, accounts receivable, accounts payable and finance related module in the accounting system. 
  • Liaise with bankers, auditors, tax agent, government bodies on finance and accounting matters. 
  • Ensure smooth and proper handling of creditors and customer enquiries and complaints, and any other finance / accounting service related function where required. 
  •  Prepare SST working papers and handle the SST submission

Job Requirements

  • Good command of English. Ability to speak other languages is a bonus.
  • Must be a detailed, meticulous person, who is process-oriented.

Our Culture


Family First
Everyone in Integricity counts as a family. Being a family means we are to always look out for one another and be prepared to stand in for our colleagues in times of urgency, including personal family emergency.

Excellence is doing our best even when no one is watching. We don't strive for perfection but we won't hesitate to go the extra mile in the work that we do.

As privileged people within this organisation, we need to live beyond ourself. We believe in having a heart for the community by giving back financially or with the skills we have been blessed with to others.

Sustainability embodies the ability to ensure our business operations and our planet are sustained at all times. We are focused on building recurring revenue, providing great staff benefits and reusing or recycling to reduce our carbon footprint on earth.

Celebrate Success
When a job is done well, it deserves to be praised and acknowledged. We want to celebrate all successes together with you no matter how big or small it is.


Integricity was built on a value that is the lifeline of all operations since 2000 until today – integrity. Our founder & CEO, Alex Lam thought of imparting integrity to the city and that's how we became Integricity!

As one of the pioneers of web hosting in Malaysia, we have been servicing thousands of companies through our enterprise hosting service. Over time, we have been entrusted to manage computer systems and networks for many SMEs and medium-sized companies. Behind the scenes is our FatNinjas team who are committed to quality in providing our clients with reliable, proactive IT support and consultancy. 

Part of our business also creates opportunities for reseller channels to distribute niche enterprise IT tools in South East Asia. We are focused on government, healthcare and education.

But above all, we are family. A family of awesome people. We like to believe that we're a great company because we've got great company. At Integricity, it's always a celebration!