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Wealth and Estate Planner

Sales (Corporate, Real Estate, Telesales, etc.)
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Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

The secret behind our success and winning track record is none other than honing our hand picked wealth and estate life planner' abilites and skills and in conjunction with an ELITE ACADEMY PROGRAM  these groom our planners with right skills, capabilities and mindset to deliver on our clients' expectations.


1. 我要做一个生意人
2. 我要给家人过好的生活
3. 我要提高收入


我很担心没有客户。 你不要来
我要一个舒适圈子。 你不要来


Are you up for the challenges of the CMCO?

1. You wish to be an entrepreneur 
2. You want to give your family the         
    very best life has to offer
3. You desire to increase your income 

Don't just wish and dream!

if you wish to just earn a regular salary and have job security, this is not for you
if you are afraid this venture will not attract customers, this is not for you
if you just want an easy and comfortable livelihood, this is not for you

If you are willing to accept the challenges (of the CMCO) and seize the opportunities to earn an income of RM100,000 or more
And meet the following criteria, send me your resume

Job Requirements

~ Age 25 - Age 45 years old
~ Diploma and above
~ with minimum 2 yrs   
    working experience
~ last drawn salary 
    average RM 3,000
~ Full time
~ Non Bumi applicant

~25 到 45岁
~上一份工作薪水 大约 RM3000