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Information technology
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BUKIT JALIL, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

"You will be writing maintainable and reusable code, provide QA and cross browser compatibility on all projects. Also troubleshoot, test and maintain features to ensure code efficiency and maintainability. You need to ensure web applications are up-to-date and secure together."

  • Research design, deploy new features and best practices on an ongoing basis 
  • Write maintainable and reusable code 
  • Provide quality assurance and cross browser compatibility on all projects 
  • Maintain & write good documentations 
  • Troubleshoot, test and maintain features to ensure code efficiency and maintainability 
  • Ensure web applications are up-to-date and secure 
  • Write and perform unit testing for all critical features 

Job Requirements

  1. Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree, in Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent 
  2. Required skills: HTML, CSS (Bootstrap, Tailwind), JavaScript (VueJS), PHP (Laravel), MySQL 
  3. 3 years experience in Laravel 
  4. Excellent communication skills 
  5. Strong knowledge in HTML, CSS (Bootstrap, Tailwind), Javascript (VueJS) 

Casual day all day :)

Our Culture


Our Clients are mostly young and dynamic, they provide unlimited opportunities to the generations that are thirsty for growth. They bring in creativity and the spirit of can do attitude.

As for our Internal Staff, we are consist of young, experienced professionals who believes in endless learning, growth and opportunities. We practice work hard and play hard to ensure each individual are well balanced.


At HyperHR, we take pride in developing effective and professional relationships with our clients. With extensive experiences in Human Resources, our expertise is available to assist you in reaching organizational goal or development needs. We provide a full spectrum of services for corporations, companies of any size, and individuals. Our experienced and professional team consists of HR experts with years of hands-on industrial experiences in various fields of HR, helping organizations with strategic and value added HR solutions. While People is our core, we strive to provide the most effective, efficient, and affordable solutions to all your HR needs.