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Business Development Manager

Sales (Corporate, Real Estate, Telesales, etc.)
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Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

Business Development Manager Responsibilities: 
  1. Oversee and identify promising prospects through the sales process to attract new clients and partners.
  2. Working with the team members to oversee and manage identified risk.
  3. Establish and grow business relationships with clients and partners, identifying their needs effectively to contribute to company’s top line revenue growth. 
  4. Research and identify new market opportunities.
  5. Involved in preparing and providing pitch decks to potential partners and investors. 
  6. Foster a positive and collaborative environment within the organization.
  7. Assist in technical proposals, capability and staffing sections and other areas as appropriate; contribute to the technical approach sections of proposals as required.
  8. Gain and share understanding of prospect's organization, processes, business strategies, product or service offerings and decision-making structures and conduct market intelligence and analysis on selected targets and competitors.

Job Requirements

Business Development Manager Required Skills : 
  1. 3-5 Year’s Experience in Business Development Management 
  2. Strong Knowledge of the Property-Tech industry and/or Real Estate business development. 
  3. Possess a Degree or MBA from a recognized and reputable institution or equivalent.
  4. Comfortable with sales and marketing duties: presenting proposals and negotiating contracts.
  5. Possesses great people skills with the ability to cultivate and maintain positive relationships.
  6. Excellent verbal and written communication skills: apt in stakeholder management, proficient in English, Malay and or Mandarin. 
  7. Possess knowledge of property maintenance, property marketing, and insurance.
  8. High degree of initiative and entrepreneurial spirit, with strong analytical skills.
  9. Strong presentation, negotiation, and interpersonal capability, both internal and external.
  10. Demonstrated success at new business development.
  11. Must have excellent analytical, decision-making, project management, planning and organizational skills.

Our Culture


At Hom Malaysia, you will be working with extremely smart, equally nice, and collaborative people, as well as a group of down-to-earth leaders who get stuff done.

You will work closely with your manager to grow your personal brand and skills. At the moment we are still a relatively small company, there are lots of opportunities to grow and work on different projects.

At Hom, we believe that you must love what you do, and as a company we will help you grow to become the very best version of yourself. We do this by setting the tools and motivation an individual would need to succeed.

At Hom, we believe that 'our community defines Hom, and Hom is defined by our community' . 


Established July 2020, Hom Malaysia is a residential real estate platform that offers beautifully designed co-living spaces, in prime locations across Malaysia and soon Southeast Asia. Hom provides flexible co-living for today's urban tribes, where everyone has access to premium services built into a fixed rate. It’s a space that provides individuals the core essence of a home with the added benefits of community engagement. 

At Hom Malaysia our mission is to empower accessibility over ownership. Aligned with the core mission of the company, Hom’s main vision is to ‘reinvent the way people live’, from their habitual routines to their social scenes. By joining our team, you will be apart of a new movement in the way people view renting and the property industry. We're here to show you that leaving the nest is not that scary after all. With an all inclusive rental bill, members that live with us not need to worry about their WIFI, electricity and water bills - one payment for all. 

All they need is their suitcase.