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Digital Marketing Specialist [E-Sports]

Recruitment Firm
Sales and marketing
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Desa Park City, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

  • Plan, and execute digital marketing strategies and campaigns, including content, social media, display advertising, email, instant messaging, search engine marketing
  • Configure, manage, optimize and generate reports using web analytics services (Google Analytics, WebTrends, CNZZ, heatmap tracker etc.)
  • Track, measure, generate reports and optimize paid marketing campaigns with data-driven approaches (e.g. split testing, A/B testing etc.)
  • Design and optimize lead funnels to maximize conversions, by optimising targeting, copy and messaging
  • Update, optimize and maintain lead page (landing page) to improve conversion
  • Support the development of marketing customer database
  • Collaborate with marketing team mates to maintain and upgrade marketing performance and ROI
  • Stay up-to-date with digital marketing trends and potential new channels and strategies to keep us ahead

Job Requirements

  • Diploma/Bachelor Degree in Marketing or relevant field
  • Good interpersonal, communication, analytical mindset, negotiation skills, innovative thinking and versatile ability to work in a team and work independently
  • Proven experience as Digital Marketing Executive or similar role
  • Excellent understanding of digital marketing concepts and best practices
  • Minimum 1-2 years hands-on experience with planning, building, optimizing paid search and social media campaigns
  • Working knowledge of ad serving tools (e.g., DART, Atlas)
  • Perfect knowledge of web analytic tools (e.g. Google Analytics, NetInsight, WebTrends etc.)
  • In-depth knowledge of various paid channels and technologies including re-targeting, social media advertising, paid search, programmatic advertising etc.
  • Experience in identifying target audiences and devising digital campaigns that engage, inform and motivate
  • Minimum 1 years hands-on experience with planning and executing of instant messaging campaigns including WeChat, WhatsApp and Telegram
  • Fluent in spoken and written English and Chinese
  • Possess some skill and experience in writing advertising copy (professionally and creatively)
  • Minimum 1-2 years experience in click funnels and social media lead generation solutions
  • Good understanding of SEO & minimum 1-year experience with SEM, including keyword research
  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills, communications & interpersonal skills
  • Proactive and consistently aligned with our company's objective and vision
  • Can-do and a will-do attitude

Our Culture


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