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Kota Damansa/ Puchong, Selangor

About The Job

You will be able to:
  • get in touch with children at the age 4 to 6 years old to create memorable "WOW" childhood by delivering lesson plans, activities and games!
  • work with a team with a positive, fun and contributing environment. 
  • contribute your ideas in teaching, learn about academic teaching skills and business operating skills.

Job Requirements

You are wanted if you...

  1. have the love for children (this is our TOP priority!)
  2. minimum a diploma in Early Childhood Education 
  3. have Microsoft skills (word, ppt & excel)
  4. have the high need to grow and learn
  5. young and energetic! (it does not determine by age, it's your heart)
  6. speaks fluent English, Chinese or Bahasa Melayu (must have at least two out of three, if you can speak three, it's a BONUS!)

*Fresh graduates are welcome to apply

Our Culture


What’s fun to be a teacher? 

  • Get free HUGS from children. 
  • Opportunity to create experiential MOMENTS for the children. 
  • The satisfaction of building children with LEADERSHIP qualities. 
  • Enjoy being a role model, and continually INSPIRING the children. 
  • Enjoy being part of the FAMILY. 

Your GROWTH is important to us. 
  • We provide training funds for you, as long as you say you want to grow! 
  • FREE training for you to be a better teacher/mother/wife/girlfriend/daughter-in-law/yourself.
  • Skills and mindset training for you all year round. 

  • 4 outing in a year for everyone in the team. We don't leave anyone behind.
  • Travelling allowances for you and your family. Why not? 


We believe… 

Academics are important. 

As important as a child's growth in primary greatness- self confidence, integrity, teamwork skills, work ethics, treatment of others, initiative, character, contribution, creativity, and discipline. Where our teachers have only one desire- the desire to make a difference in every child by creating defying moments in their childhood. This is where we build future leaders. We prepare our children for life! 

Our mission is to create a memorable wow childhood by providing the happiest place through a team of awesome teachers. If you have what it takes, and the desire to embark on a career in the growing early childhood industry, let us nurture your potential in the field.