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Content Writer at Vulcan Post

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Subang Jaya, Selangor

About The Job

  • Produce content that will educate, increase awareness, and engage the mind of our readers.
  • Conduct interviews with the right questions, backed up by diligent research of your own to fully understand the subject at hand. 
  • Adhere to publishing deadlines and daily editorial schedule.
  • Willing to learn the ropes for editing and publishing
  • Able to write with excellent English proficiency.
  • Work well in a team but also able to complete tasks independently
  • Looking for a job to fully commit to in the long term—we like to invest our time and resources in talented individuals, we hope you find us worth investing your time into as well.

Job Requirements

  1. You've been a Vulcan Post reader. So you understand our content well. The local startup community is an ecosystem that excites you and you want to write about them. 
  2. Well articulated and able to communicate clearly and effectively (it really does help to cut down excess work due to misaligned expectations). 
  3. You can do more than write and edit. Managed social media pages before or done a spate of video editing? Let us know your other talents.
  4. Don't mind coming to work in casual wear and you don't feel awkward that everyone (yes, even the boss) dresses down in the office. 
  5. You’re able to spend time outside work attending events and networking to meet new faces. Or to join us for dinner (we're foodies!).

Our Culture


+ Bubble tea is our work fuel. If you're more of a Starbucks fan, sure... we'll try not to judge.
+ We have a Sin Cupboard filled with snacks and treats. 
+ Having crazy coloured hair styles is not compulsory in the team, but be warned, the syndrome is contagious. 
+ Our work place is pet friendly!


We're a media group with several online publications that's powered by youth driven content to inspire and enthuse our readers. Our media assets include Vulcan Post, DiscoverKL, Millennials of KL, and we want to grow bigger and launch even more—with you in our team!