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In-House Editor

Creative - Writing
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Gelugor, Penang

About The Job

  • Creative writing skills and the ability to produce original content.
  • Know how to create articles/contents that are discussed and valuable.
  • Be able to brainstorm ideas and come up with creative ideas for social media events.
  • Edit and proofread the content, and make necessary changes before publishing.
  • Operate a community platform and promote platform development

  • 具有创造力的写作能力,以及产生原创内容的能力。
  • 懂得创造有讨论度,有价值的文章/内容。
  • 能够集思广益并为社交媒体活动提出创意想法。
  • 编辑和校对内容,并在发布前进行必要的修改。
  • 经营社群平台,促进平台发展。

Job Requirements

  1. Like writing text, have good Chinese writing skills, and basic English communication skills.
  2. Keen to find new information and have a high degree of sensitivity to popular online information.
  3. With basic aesthetics, you can do simple photo & cover design.
  4. Have a wealth of creativity and imagination.
  5. Work is not cumbersome and can complete the work within the deadline.
  6. Experience in operating social media is preferred.

  1. 喜欢文字创作,拥有良好的中文写作能力,以及基本的英文沟通能力。
  2. 热衷寻找新资讯,对网络流行资讯拥有高度敏锐度。
  3. 拥有基本的美感,可以做简单的照片&封面设计 。
  4. 拥有丰富的创意和想象力。
  5. 做事不拖泥带水,可以在期限内完成工作。
  6. 拥有经营社群媒体经验优先考虑。

Our Culture


We're a standout company and we do things a little differently.
We keep it real. We speak from the heart. Our honesty shocks you at times and our cheekiness will tickle you.
You see...
We want to bring a world of endless opportunity to every youngsters or anyone, who share our passion for digital marketing experience.
We want our users to feel that they're at the heart of everything we do, every single day.
We want our users to tell our story, not the other way around.
Goody is made of with a bunch of amazing, talented, and passionate people. Some are great in math-geek, code-geek, art-geek, idealism-geek, and just geek by the way.

Let's Play at Goody!


Goody Technologies Sdn Bhd was founded in early June 2015. We aim to bring passionate editors to produce quality content for our readers. We wish to improve the quality of life and income of the young generation through a quality online platform. Through innovations, we integrate skillful and ambitious young talents to accomplish the information social networking and servicing ecosystem.