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Senior Marketing Executive

Marketing - Digital
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Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

Although the title is “Senior Marketing Executive”, your responsibility is actually much more than just marketing. 

You will be the decision maker & you are expected to manage Goceb Live Online Event for Celebrity from start to end. This includes working with Celebrity, setting up the back-end, developing the marketing strategy to boost ticker sales, monitoring the fulfilment of tickets, and ultimately you are accountable for the event’s success.

Responsibilities include:
  • Liaise with Celebrity and their manager from start to end of the Online Event. Your job includes coming up with the right topic & content for the Celebrity, preparing ads copy to be shared by the Celebrity, assisting Celebrity during & after event. (Relationship Management)
  • Manage the set-up of the Online Event – from building landing page, booking a studio, setting up Video Call tools and other logistical work. (Event Planning)
  • Lead the marketing strategy for the Online Event & be responsible to hit the ticket sales target. (Marketing)
  • Head & manage your team made up of graphic designer, facebook ads specialist & customer service specialist to ensure the success of the event. (Management & Leadership)

Job Requirements


  • You are a generalist. You have adequate understanding of the following business areas: event planning, marketing, relationship management with Celebrity and operation.
  • Have at least 2 years of event planning experience.
  • Must be familiar with setting up online events (landing page, payment gateway, UIUX, customer purchase funnel, streaming platforms etc)
  • Must be familiar with media buying (Facebook Ads) & copywriting (English, Malay & Chinese copy).
  • Must know how to write & communicate in English, Malay & Chinese (we have customers from China)
  • Have great problem-solving skills & can work independently.
  • Ready to shoulder responsibility & be held accountable for results.
  • Have at least 2 years’ experience managing a team.

Our Culture


Who is your Favourite Celebrity/ Artist/ Athlete / Entrepreneur? 

Okay, I give you 3 seconds to think about this.

Okay done!

Now, imagine you're Video Calling or Direct Messaging with that favourite person of yours, whether it is Jay Chou, Siti Nurhaliza or others.

Yes, dealing with the real person him/herself. Not just watching a video. You ask questions. And you get replies from the real person. 


Yes, we think so. And this is what we do at Goceb! We serve the Top 1% Hardcore fans of Celebrities, Artists & Influencers!

Asia's first Digital Merchandising Platform for Celebrity

Goceb (OR Go Celebrity!) is Asia's first Digital Merchandising Platform for Celebrity.

We provide Celebrities:
  • a platform to monetize their time & influences
  • a way to make their hardcore fans super excited

We provide Top 1% hardcore fans
  • an exclusive place to interact with their favourite celebrity with deep connection, which can't be found anywhere.

Why Join Goceb?
Now you have probably realized that we are different from the typical companies out there.

Yes, Goceb is a start-up. We move very fast and we want talents who can outgrow the company. We want talents who can become our senior management team as the company grows all over Southeast Asia.

Big growth,  big pay.

Growth is painful & can be scary at times. But if this sounds like something you want, join us!

Our Ambition
All in all, Goceb is trying to carve out a new Celebrity B2C category/niche from the typical B2B Influencers Marketing category.

If you are ambitious about creating something new & make your footprint seen in defining a category, then Goceb is for you!

Goceb has been featured in:



We work hard, play hard. Fun is in our DNA. 

We are a small team and we move fast. If an issue can be solved through a phone call, let’s not wait for the WhatsApp reply. 

We value accountability and ownership. If you are the task leader for a particular task, you make the final call, and you’ll be held accountable for the end result. 

We encourage calculated risk-taking. It’s ok to make mistakes. Just make sure that we learn from the experience, bounce back and grow quickly.

We are open-minded. Ideas with merit will be implemented.