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Real Estate Agency 房地产仲介

Sales and marketing
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About The Job

Welfare broadcast:
  • Full commission system
  • Get a commission in a month
  • Provide professional training
  • One-on-one teaching by leaders
  • Team building
  • Free travel
  • Professional career development training
  • Comprehensive marketing support (contact of potential customers and relevant market information)

  •  全佣金制度
  •  一个月就能拿到佣金
  • 提供专业的培训
  • 领袖一对一的教学
  • 团队的建设
  • 免费的旅行
  • 专业的职业发展规划
  • 市场销售的全面支援(潜在客户的联系与相关市场资讯)

Job Requirements

Basic requirements:
  • Fluent in Mandarin and English 
  • Good communication skill
  • Ability to deal with rejections
  • Progressive in personal development and work performance
  • Have a laptop (computer) and phone
  • Bring your own transportation
  • Go to work anytime

  • 精通华语和英语
  • 沟通能力良好
  • 有应对被拒绝的能力
  • 进取于个人发展和工作实绩
  • 拥有笔记本(电脑)和电话
  • 自备交通工具
  • 随时都能上班

Our Culture


The Cornerstone for all your real estate needs. From Industrial, Projects to Residential homes, our experienced real estate specialists are here to help. 

Cornerstone Xstate was established in 2008 and is an approved Real Estate Agency registered with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents under the Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Act 1981.

We are staffed with a collaboration of wisdom and experience, from people with a long history in the real estate industry, mixed with the innovation and energy of our newcomers. We believe the combination of old and new breathes life into understanding exactly what our clients need. We have the right people and the right processes to make this more than just another, ‘Real Estate Company’. Our aim is to be Your Real Estate Company – all you need is your imagination, we’ll do the rest.

Just like setting the first stone when constructing the masonry in any building, we at Cornerstone, are your foundation for a better real estate future. The foundation on which we not only intend to build our business, but also to help you build your real estate portfolio and investment; we can help your growing family find the right home; or if it’s downsizing you need, we can do that too. Whatever your real estate needs; we have the people to help:
• Buying
• Selling
• Rental Services
• Investment Advice
• Project Sales

And to make sure we offer the very best we have created a process that will help grow the skills and capabilities of our team – creating a truly extraordinary team for you to work with. Our role is to be the Cornerstone for all that share in Cornerstone Realty; creating a solid environment where our team is well trained and supported – the true foundation for every exceptional business – a foundation built strongly in Malaysia but with a global capacity.


Top & Fastest Growing Group in Cornerstone Xstate. We're an Energetic, Fun, Loving & Professional Real Estate Agent who specialize in Project Marketing. We are the Leading group in Projects in Shah Alam, PJ and Rawang. And we're venturing into 2020 with MORE HOT SELLING Projects. With our Group motto being WE ARE MADE, NOT BORN , we focus on developing talents and enriching their life. There is a saying, Real Estate Agents is a lonely road, but that is NOT here, we grow in a pack, and achieve our goals together. What's better than having a group of people who have the same vision going for One Common Goal. If you have the Same Vision and Goal, WE WELCOME YOU!