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Personal Assistant to Studio Founder/Chairman

Operations and admin
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Petaling Jaya, Selangor

About The Job

  • To compile and note down minutes of meeting and arrange action plan into scheduling formats based on priority.
  • To assist in communication flow/processes from topline downwards to in-house management heads/teams.
  • To assist in communication flow/processes with external parties for the arrangement of meetings and other relatable communication objectives.
  • To facilitate in the communication process for internal HR/finance systems(task delegation to existing staff and follow up)
  • To handle certain backend tasks which require time put into research, curation and compilation
  • To assist and arrange in receiving and delivering/submission documents (pertaining to vendor registration forms and the like)
  • To assist in the preparation of decks to be used for business/project purposes
  • Assist in submission of paperwork (online systems) related material.
  • To assist in monthly online claims submissions.
  • To follow up and assist founder/chairman in the execution of a consistent strategic plan which is to be crafted on social media, e-platforms and traditional media channels such as newspapers and radio to distribute knowledge and information from a business worldview standpoint.

Job Requirements

  1. Job Requirements:
  2. Diploma, Degree in any other relevant qualifications. If you don't have any paper qualifications but have sufficient experience in editing, we will consider your application on a case by case scenario. 
  3. Must have advanced knowledge in handling Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. 
  4. Potential candidates must be willing to work within flexible working hours. 
  5. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision. 
  6. Good command of the English language (additional language is a bonus). Interested candidates, please submit your portfolio and resume to [email protected]

Our Culture


We believe that the success of a company lies in the hands of its employees.

By empowering you, we are able to provide excellent performance to our clients.

We also believe in mottos like "Work Hard, Play Hard", "All for One and One for All".

By enduring hardships and tight deadlines together as a team, we can then move on to the fun phase.


Gary Chong Studios is a cinematic video production house that specializes in new media cinematic motion picture productions.

Started in 2011 by filmmaker Gary Chong, we strive to create “out of the box” content to fulfill all of our clientele’s needs. Our aim is to not just produce another run of the mill video, but tailor our videos to maximize the impact of the client's intended message.

Our body of work is diverse and have ranged from campaign brand webisodes to cinematic music videos.

Our clients come from diverse backgrounds such as MNCs, banks, telcos, property developers, universities, insurance agencies and many others.

Head on over to the following links to know more about us: