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Creative Executive - Video Editor & Videographer

Creative - Videography & Photography
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Petaling Jaya, Selangor

About The Job

We’re a quickly growing eCommerce SME, utilizing major social media platforms as our business arena. We launch potentially winning products as high-budget social media ads to the West with an intelligent collab between our marketing and creative team and grow it into a winner. Some months we'll be testing over 50 products in our Arts & Crafts, Traveling, Camping, Home Safety (and other) stores. Some months we take 5 winning products, going all out in making it the best possible version of itself. We move the needle forward and value the talent with rewards.
Creativity is finding useful solutions to novel problems or finding novel useful solutions to the same problems. It’s also using imagination for being inventive. We're looking for someone who’ll enjoy product shooting/editing. You'll often have to let go of attachment for what you create because another version might be more effective. That’s why you'll hear the word "test" uncountable times every day.

  • Editing videos for ads and photos and GIFs for website for a range of products
  • Creating enough material to be launch and tested every day
  • Communicating with the marketing department for creating new content
  • Planning and executing product and lifestyle shoots (indoor and outdoor for videos and stills)
  • Communicating with the media buying department for launching videos to be tested
  • Frequently brainstorming ideas for newer ways of advertising the same products

  • Monthly Bonuses (even during COVID)
  • Millennial Working Hours (11 am - 7 pm)
  • Young, Fun & Diverse Team
  • Company Editing Computer 
  • Annual Company Holiday
  • Beautifully Designed Office

Job Requirements

Have to have skills
  • BA/BSc/Professional Diploma in Broadcasting, Film Studies/Cinematic Arts, Advertising/Media, Mass Com., Production, or related fields.
  • Video Editing (Adobe Premier Pro) & Photo Editing (Adobe Photoshop)
  • Solid Videography & Photography skills
  • Strong Work Ethics (productivity, responsibility, accountability)
  • English language fluency (for all communication purposes)
  • High Achiever (Strong Highschool & University results/Winner in Any Competition/Past Scholarship Holder/Dean List) 
Good to have:
  • Recent Grad
  • Extra Software Knowledge (Lightroom/After Effects)
  • Good communication, as this is often a collaborative job
  • Creative Imagination
  • Responsible time-management (the needle is often moving forward fast)
  • Balancing speed and accuracy
  • Fast learning (we constantly learn and implement more improved methods)
  • Past experience in making digital advertisements/video production for social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube) or working for an eCommerce business/Agency

Our Culture


You have the opportunity to say goodbye to the traditional office hierarchies, dreadful 9 to 5's, and being a mundane cubicle dweller; and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

We at Forward Pace proudly embrace the Millenial Spirit in us to redefine how a workspace should be.

Forward Is The Only Way Through

We firmly believe that a great workspace boosts employee's work engagement, therefore we emphasize heavily on building a contemporary space to provide a pleasant working environment, equipped with a cozy lounge area, and a stocked pantry to satisfy all your munchies!

Quit stressing over your work wardrobe, and show up in your pajamas and slippers! We have a casual dress code for our team members to work comfortably, without emphasizing on how modern working attires should be (so long as it's appropriate to the human eye)

Here at Forward Pace, we hate circling around looking for parking as much as you do! On that account, each of our team members are entitled to a season pass at the office's parking lot, so you never have to wake up earlier than usual anymore just to get the better of your colleagues in securing a parking spot.

We have a fairly flexible working schedule too, our team members have the option to start the day as late as 11 am, provided that the minimum of 8 hours are put in daily.

Oh, did we also mention that each of our team members possess the luxury of working in comfort on the multi-award winning Secretlab chairs? ;)

Who Knew Hard Work And Fun Could Coexist

We take pride in our young and energetic (sometimes crazy) culture in the office, as the average age of our team members is just 24 years young.

From different walks of life and career backgrounds, we always encourage our team members to voice out their opinions and have healthy discussions to propel the company forward!

We believe that learning shouldn't stop at the gates of your uni. We value learning new skills and knowledge on an on-going basis, and we make a point of continuous learning by having weekly sharing sessions, where the speaker of the day is rotated weekly to share insightful and educational teachings to the team members.

Success Is The Sum Of Small Efforts, Repeated Day In Day Out

Despite common beliefs, our age and the millennial stereotype we know so well of does NOT define our work ethics.

As a relatively small company, we have a shared goal of growing rapidly and bringing the company to the next level. We pride ourselves in being high performing individuals that strive to perform to the best of our abilities in achieving our vision.

As much as we highlight the youthful and fun vibes in the office, we place immense emphasis on setting high standards, and laying down clear expectations to our team members, allowing them to be responsible and held accountable for their own performances in achieving the desired results.

We're proud to adopt the concept of equality into our company's core values, in which job opportunities in career advancements and compensation will not be biased towards any particular group of: Gender, Race, Religious Beliefs, or Sexual Orientations; but is based solely on work performances.

We have a "Zero-Tolerance" policy on Sexual Harassment & Racial Discrimination in the workplace, to promise a safe and pleasant working environment for our team members.

Join La Famiglia

Naturally, we will have the same standards when it comes to selecting the future additions of our wonderful family; ask yourself:

1.) Do you have good work ethics in working individually as well as collectively?
2.) Are you able to promise the delivery of your absolute best in achieving the desired results?
3.) Are you a punny memelord too?

The digital era is growing at a pace that we can hardly catch up with anymore, join us to get hands-on experience on cutting edge E-Commerce operation, learn more about the ins-and-outs of the industry, and enrich your skillsets to better prepare yourself for the future.


We're an E-Commerce company that comprises of a young & energetic workforce, working on multiple niches and running high budget social media ads.