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Kick-ass customer experience expert

Sales and marketing
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Petaling Jaya, Selangor

About The Job

What you'll be doing
  • Growing our customer base by introducing our growth-hacking referral program to current customers. 
  • Responding to inbound enquiries through Whatsapp(40%), Social Media accounts (30%), emails(20%) or calls(10%). 
  • Build customer loyalty and advocacy of fire safety through kick-ass videos and pictures. 
  • Actively looking for ways to innovate the company through the use of technology. 
  • Spearhead Fire Fighter's Millennial Brand outlook transformation. 
  • Opportunity to learn about e-commerce, online marketing, product design and web development.  

Job Requirements

What we're looking for
  • No minimum requirement of certifications. We do not believe that certifications determine your job . However, we do look for people with a growth-mindset with a hunger to learn and try out new things 
  • Good verbal and written communications in Bahasa Melayu/ English (+ Chinese language is a plus!) 
  • An expert Googler, don't know something? Google it until you get the answer!
  • Strength in communication and competence in consulting and give accurate directions to customers.  
  • Motivated, driven and energetic work ethic 

What we're NOT looking for
  • "Do what you're told attitude". We believe that you should question everything, even your boss.
  • Tech Dinosaurs. We expect everyone to keep abreast with the latest in technological advancements. 
  • Lone rangers. We believe collaboration is the way forward in any mission. 
  • Selfish individuals. We believe knowledge sharing is the way to grow our people and the company.

Our Culture


To question everything and anything - even our superiors. We hinder the "do what you're told" culture so if you're looking for a job where you are given jobs without a reason, this is not the company for you. We believe in the saying "To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together". Hence expect collaboration with your teammates and we're always here for a helping hand. We have daily rundowns to discuss ideas, what we've learned so we can fix ourselves for the better, quick. Think of us of a startup with a 45 year experience in the industry.

Our People
This posting is for a new initiative within the company to push for creativity and innovation. The team will be led by a young, energetic individual with experience living and working in Silicon Valley - the heart of innovation of the world. We have over 120 employees in the company with very loyal and experienced employees - our longest serving employee has been with the company for over 38 years. With their expertise, coupled with the bright young minds in the new team, expect quick growth in the company. 


To Fireproof Malaysia through our vast range of products. 
We understand that fire safety isn't the "hottest" issue out there - and that's a problem. Fire doesn't happen all the time, heck, it might not even happen to you in a lifetime. But once it does, its affects are often deadly. Our goal is to fireproof a nation, and to do that, we need to equip the citizens of Malaysia with the right tools and skills. With our recent collaboration with Grab, you can rest assure that every Grab driver is now equipped with a fire extinguisher. Now it's time to empower them.