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副税务经理/资深税务助理 Deputy Tax Manager/ Senior Tax Assistant

Accounting and finance
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Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

i.  副税务经理 (1个职位) 
ii. 资深税务助理 (1个职位) 

Manage and operate multiple tax matters: 
i. Deputy Tax Manager (1 position)
ii. Senior Tax Assistant (1 position) 

Job Requirements

  • 获得认可的文凭,大学学位和/或相关专业资格,即CIMA,ACCA,CPA,CTIM等 
  • 至于以上(i)和(ii)职位,本公司需要申请者备有在税务方面分别有5年和3年的税务经验 
  • 晓得安排工作和备有良好的分析能力
  • 积极推动本身个人专业和事业发展,引导和激励其他员工
  • 能够独立管理多项业务,并能够与团队成员合作和拥有良好运作关系
  • 懂得运作MS Office Excel,Word和Power Point以及税务软件
  • 备有良好人际沟通能力并具有团队合作精神
  • 具有优秀的英语,国语, 中文会话和书面表达能力 

  • Accredited diplomas, university degrees and/or related professional qualifications, ie CIMA, ACCA, CPA, CITM, etc.
  • As for the above positions (i) and (ii), the company needs applicants to have taxation experience of 5 years and 3 years respectively in taxation. 
  • Know how to arrange work and have good analytical skills. 
  • Actively promote their personal professional and career development, guide and motivate other employees. 
  • Ability to manage multiple businesses independently, and to work with team members and have good operational relationships. 
  • Know how to run MS Office Excel, Word and Power Point, and tax software. 
  • Good interpersonal communication skills and team spirit. 
  • Excellent English, Mandarin, Chinese conversation and written communication skills. 

Our Culture


FAM & Associates Consulting Sdn Bhd 和旗下公司在吉隆坡成立约22年,为本地及海外业务提供多项服务:公司注册,公司秘书,企业及商业谘询,税务,销售和服务税, 及其他相关专业服务。我们正在寻找有兴趣并渴望成为我们公司的优秀团队成员。