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Associate Product Manager

Information technology
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Subang Jaya, Selangor

About The Job

You will:
  • Work closely with CEO to plan, execute and track according to ErufuCare's product roadmap (patient-facing)
  • Collaborate and coordinate with internal team and external contractors around the globe for releases
  • Manage patient community
  • Research medical and market information
  • Work with panel doctors and specialists to validate curated information
  • Construct product reports, and deliver a presentation to the CEO and team in monthly town hall session

Job Requirements

You are:
  • A proven fast learner, great executor, tech-&-business savvy person,
  • Excellent in Research and Comprehension,
  • Excellent in Communication, Coordination and Problem Solving,
  • Excellent in both read and write in English and Chinese (U.S., Europe, Taiwan, China)
  • Equipped with Business and Marketing Knowledge (supply-demand, consumer behavior, branding, SWOT)
  • Able to pick up and understand Medical / Healthcare Domain Knowledge (diseases, conditions, procedures, treatments, technologies, risk)
  • Experience in UX, and SEO
  • Experience in healthcare/medical industry (a plus)
  • Experience in B2B2C platform (a plus)
  • Experience in Agile Software Development (a plus)

Your values:
  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork (NOT selective teamwork)
  • Deep Interest in Healthcare
  • Hungry
  • Product Excellence

Your Career Roadmap:
  • Product Manager (Patient Focus & Client Focus)
  • Senior Product Manager (venture and lead a new product line)
  • Product VP (min. 2 successful products)
  • Chief Product Officer (CPO)
  • Subsidiary Founding Partner / Entrepreneur in Residence

Our Culture


Erufu Care is home to some of the brightest and brilliant talents around. We're a fast-paced company with a vibrant, young, professional workforce driven by passion and a constant strive for knowledge without any boundaries.

As much as we care about our clients, we care as much for our employees, if not more. No matter the background, we do our best to create a truly meaningful journey for everyone here.

We believe in everyone having opportunities to shine in what they do best regardless of position and department. Hierarchy is old school, we are dynamic, evolving, and keeping ourselves ahead of times.

We work to live, but we also need to live to work, which is why work-life balance is something we strive for. We have after office hours sports activities, company excursions... even a ping pong table in the office itself!

We also have a lounge area with a resting zone and a music zone where you can hone your creativity so that our minds never go stale and boring. To cater for all walks of life, private rooms like a breastfeeding room and baby room for mothers with babies and a surau is also provided in the office.

We adopt a true open office culture so that everyone know each other and can easily access one another, from office staff to the company CEO himself. We're transparent in our work and tasks so everyone knows exactly how the business is being run.

We're always looking out for fresh talent to mould, and for strong personalities to add to the core of the company. If you want to be part of this journey towards the successful future, come talk to us.


Erufu Care - an award-winning community medical support network in Malaysia that is rapidly growing in the healthcare sector, connecting the distance between healthcare practitioners and patients. Headquartered in Malaysia, Erufu Care has extended its reach internationally in Indonesia, Thailand, and Taiwan.

In everything we do, we believe in upholding doctor-patient relationship. We believe that effective communication between patients and their healthcare practitioners is essential to deliver quality healthcare and pleasant clinical experiences.

We have dedicated teams working with both sides of the doctor-patient relationship to assist in communication and facilitate matters between patients and doctors with a personal touch. We take initiatives in debunking healthcare myths and educating the community in receiving quality and safe healthcare services.

Erufu Care provides patients/consumers with the information required for them to make informed decisions in choosing the medical service provider that suits them best. We also provide doctors and healthcare facilities have an online presence and be more discoverable by people who are seeking for their services.

Our user-experience focused designs keep our website and services beautifully constructed, easy to navigate, and user-friendly.

This is what we do at Erufu Care, connecting patients to doctors. Educating and helping patients, always doing our best to help doctors reach out to the right public, and to help you find the right care you need.