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Marketing Lead

Sales and marketing
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Bandar Utama, Selangor

About The Job

You will be working as part of a small team at a young startup. The main objective of this role is to create a brand and engage with millennial-centric customer base. This may involve a host of marketing functions to create hype and drive demand for our products.

Job Requirements

  • Preferably with proven track record in brand creation, digital marketing, millennial-centric customer engagement
  • Preferably 3+ years working experience
  • Preferably led a team before
  • Required: hunger to learn, humble, team player, intellectually curious, excellent communicator, professional drive 

Our Culture


As a young startup, we have a lean team and all new entrants will be given a great deal of responsibility from day 1. We expect candidates to be highly proactive, willing to learn, flexible, adaptable and an excellent communicator!

If you're willing for hands-on work in a fast paced environment, you'll fit right in.


We are an alternative protein company specialising in edible insects for human consumption. Our products are highly nutritious and sustainable to farm. Currently we sell our products online, through retailers and serving customers in Singapore, US & Europe.

Our mission is to provide healthy and sustainable protein for the planet!