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Human Resources

Human Resources
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Beranang, Selangor

About The Job

Basic Responsibilities

  • Be familiar with employee rights, prepare documents and employee handbooks that protect both the employer and employees’ interest. Architect HR policies, procedure and enforcement for the company 
  • Be familiar with the company's various departmental job operations and take an active role in human resource planning, cost control and management depending on the company's projected needs.
  • Planning for internal learning & facilitating internal communication, establishing company culture, upheld positive values to promote self learning and personal productivity.
  • Establish connection and maintain close relationships with colleges and universities for internship programmes and building up a talent resource pool to meet the company eventual growth as well as dynamic resources needs. 
  • Organize and manage events related to team building, talent sourcing like career fair, company talk, hackathon ,etc.
  • To facilitate and document performance evaluation process
  • To study, outline and structure the KPI and OKR for company department
  • To facilitate orientation and prepare necessary items or resources to create a warm and welcoming working environment
  • To create positive company working culture branding
  • To conduct personalities test, employee profiling & compile recruitment data
  • To study & suggest improvement on hiring criteria & process
  • To document & visualize the company process
  • To perform any other ad-hoc tasks assigned from time to time 

Job Requirements


  • Excellent in English verbal and written, professional proficiency for Mandarin and Bahasa language 
  • Able to maintain close relationships with co-workers 
  • Passionate and assertive, actively sought after different methods to improve company’s human resource management 

Our Culture


To keep up with ever changing world, continuous learning becomes important, your growth is vital to the survival of the company.


We are a people company that focuses on human technology development. Human come first before the technology.