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Electronics Production Operator Internship

Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, etc.)
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Beranang, Selangor

About The Job

Basic Responsibilities
  • Maintain the upkeep of components required for specific product
  • Proactively ensure continuity of output in the production floor within expected timeline
  • Replenish necessary parts or materials before the production reaches its EOL.
  • Upkeep production records for relevant processes, inventory and compile weekly and monthly reports for the management in clear and presentable manner.
  • Define and establish technical methodologies documentations in a clear and concise manner for production operators to ensure required SOP is followed.
  • Upkeep production machines and equipments to be always in clean and pristine condition
  • Observe and enforce lab and production line safety procedure 

Job Requirements

 Technical Requirement
  • Knowledgeable in electronics fundamentals, able to read electronics schematics and its corresponding electronics components specifications.  
  • Able to troubleshoot electronic and electrical circuits with relevant or necessary tools lab equipments to achieve targeted outcome
  • Knowledgeable in microcontrollers various type of electronics communication protocol and its limits

Leadership & Individual Qualities
  • Proactive communicator to address and ensure necessary tasks are completed 
  • Punctual, honest, responsive and adaptable to take necessary actions when situation calls.
  • Committed to complete agreed tasks or scope of work within planned timeline. 

Our Culture


To keep up with ever changing world, continuous learning becomes important, your growth is vital to the survival of the company.


We are a people company that focuses on human technology development. Human come first before the technology.